Saturday, February 20, 2010

So, here's some new stuff

I've been a crazy busy woman with all my kiddos and mostly all Lillian's stuff, but I thought I'd show some new things from our lives.

For Christmas, Matt got me this lovely necklace and I know the pic is not great, but it is a heart locket and there are five little angel/birthstone charms representing all my little lovelies. Soooo cute!

We, for the first time ever got a new living room suit. I LOVE it. I also collect miniature tea sets and I haven't had a display case for them for about 3 years. It brings me such joy to be able to have them out again. I also have "new" hair. I HAD to get me some highlights bc someone guessed me 10 years over my actual age. My ego just can't take it The back in wedged and a darker color...sorry, no back shot.

Sound off! Like my hair? Do you have a cute necklace/jewelry to represent your kiddos?