Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A new blog? New cards

  Can I just say I am feeling DESPERATE to complete Christmas cards, but realistically, I just don't think it's going to happen....My niece came over Sunday evening and we took a short time in the craft room and I completed the card above and two scrapbook pages.  I made the mermaid with my cricut using the Paperlayerz cardstock by Megan Elizabeth that I purchased on black friday online.  The mermaid  is on the Once Upon A Princess cartridge...one of the two full content shape cart. I own.
Amanda just got a new sizzix embossing machine, the little purse one, and I got to play with it just long enough to emboss this blue cardstock with the butterflies.  I LOVE it.  I am desperately wanting an embossing machine.  I hand embossed the water on the mermaid card, but you can see the quality just isn't as good as the machine.  I LOVE butterflies and leaf/flower motifs.  The other butterfly paper is from K and company, I think my very FAVORITE company for cardstocks.    The sentiment strip is punched with a fiskars corner punch and since it's such a small piece, it bacically creates a secondary pattern.  My card is made for colorbox cardstock that I cut to standard A2 size. 

I was thinking about starting another blog just for my crafting projects.  I'm just not sure I could keep up with it.  Or want to keep up with it.  It would just be an easier way for people to see my work without combing through my blog, since I am pretty techy challenged, I'm sure I could link those to their own section, but I just don't know how to do that.  Even with help, I've not been able to fix my header on this blog.  LOL.

Love some feedback on the new blog idea...holla back!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Days

Really hard to believe that these two people, six months out of high school, tied the knot, 17 years ago.

 He brought me roses....(lol is that not funny the salt shaker right beside them??)
the tiger ones...took me to dinner, bought me my favorite Russell Stover caramels and brought me back home to the five other best accomplishments in my life.  We have been through some very tough times, bought our first home, had our first baby, quickly multiplied to a large family, built a new home, lost a new home, survived a flood and tornado, stayed together through the most difficult childbirth and last five years of a very hard journey.We have moved more times than we EVER planned or wanted to. We have laughed til we cried.  We have cried until the tears ran dry.  We have prayed.  We've made good decisions and bad... lived and learned.  We are committed to each other and under the covenant  of the almighty hands of God.  I look forward to many years to come. 

est 12-3-1994

Monday, November 14, 2011


Winner was Mandy, who posted over on Lillian's blog.  Thank you all so much for your prayers for our family and just coming by to check out my blog all this time. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011


Three years I've been blogging here in blogger.  I think it's time for a celebratory giveaway.  Surely I have some faithful readers/stalkers out there....I hope.  Anyway, if you are here, leave a comment and your name will go in a drawing.  If you can't leave a comment on this blog, hop on over to Lillian's and leave a comment there. Click on her picture and it should take you there, but I think I have the link above her name too. :)    That is all you have to do.  I will draw a name Sunday and post the winner and what you are getting.   Leave me an email address so I can contact you.  The gift will include some of my favorite things.  Thanks for reading and commenting. 

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I must admit

facebook kind of helps fulfill my blogging.  And now, there's Pinterest. I've signed up to make a pinterest page, but just haven't gone there because I just know it's going to be a time sucker.  You know, something that sucks the time right out of your day? I so don't need that addiction.

How bout some family updating?  Let's start with Big Daddy.  Right now, he's battling a cold.  He is rarely sick, so I know there's something really going on if he says anything.  He is taking the spiritual lead in our family which is nothing short of answered prayer.  God is good.  A little plug---have you seen Courageous?  Go see it.  Take a box of kleenex and see it.  Take your man too.  If it doesn't move something inside you, I'm not sure what will.

Bethany had some allergy testing and come to find out, she really allergic to LOTS of stuff.  Our insurance is awesome, so she will begin a five year program of allergy shots to help with all that. 

What is it with teenagers an these uber serious pictures??

Rebecca just finished up her first season of cross country.  Super proud to see her push herself at each meet.  She is doing FANTASTIC in school, straight A+'s and one A.  A-mazing, I think. 

Isabelle also completed her first season of track.  I was proud of her for sticking with it!  I don't think it was something she loved, but she did it.  She has had a rough year with being sick and struggled with tummy problems, but I think she is over that finally. She went to her first dance on Friday.

Madeline is fiesty and busy as ever.  She is doing SO much better in school this year.  I think she has a great teacher.  Wish she could have loop with the same teacher, but our schools don't do that.  Much to my surprise, she wanted to join the running club, which met a few times before school then the children ran a one mile race.  She did a great job, but Big Daddy had to keep her motivated.  :)

Lillian got new glasses and that has been a trip in and of itself.  Just getting her to keep them on, sheesh.  Yesterday, I found them under the futon downstairs.  It's still hard for me to even get used to her having them.  Her life keeps me hopping ALL the time and if you follow her blog, you know that already!

Big Momma-  Well, I've been doing some cardmaking and some scrapbooking too.  I haven't scrapped in forever, I'm on a mission to complete our Christmas pictures.  I've gotten up to 2005.  I cropped those pictures last night.  Anxious to finish them and keep moving through. 

I've read a lot of good books recently.  The Yada Yada Prayer Group series.  Loved those books, they were almost like having daily devotions.  I'm currently reading Heave is for Real.  It is a very quick book, almost finished.  I think this post is probably long enough. 

Are you doing any crafting?  Is facebook and pinterest eating into your blog time? 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Purely Complimentary

Try to stay with me here....I do have a point...I think.

I grew up watching my Mom put make-up on each morning before she went to work or anywhere for that matter....even if we weren't going anywhere now that I think of it, although that wasn't often.  I think the one exception might have been if she was having a scheduled surgery. I would sit there and watch her every little move and detail.  She was so precise.  Naturally, when I came to about 11 or 12, I wanted to wear make-up too.( don't all preteen girls?)  I also had the mind set that I could not dare leave the house without it.  In early adult hood, I dabbled in being a beauty consultant, and the motto there...well, your face is your canvas...your advertisement, if you will.  It was so in-grained to me.  The older I got, the more I came to find that maybe it was just vanity.  I'm a clean person, I fix my hair...I'm the same person without make-up on my face.  I'd even been told by my husband that he liked me better without it.  As more children came along, I probably fell off the makeup wagon whenever I was spending the day at home.  With the birth of Lillian...my make-up wearing days fell by the wayside altogether.  Mostly, I just don't value the time it takes me to put it on.  If it comes down to having a few extra minutes of sleep, um, I'll take sleep.  If it means getting out the door on time versus being late, I'm going to be on time.  I also don't want my kids to think they need it.  I am the mother of five girls.  I want them to know they are beautiful and don't need enhancing.  Of course, they do like certain elements of makeup, mostly eye makeup.  My 11 year old is driving me nuts wanting to wear some.  And that's fine. She will get her chance when we feel she is old enough.  Where am I going with this, right?  I've always struggled with thinking I  am an attractive person.  My sister may be the only person in this life who tells me I'm beautiful  (thanks for that by the way)   if I bring it up.  I know she means.  In the Bible study we just started at church, we are doing a Beth Moore study on the book of Daniel.  To relate to us, she talks about the values the Babylon prized and how that equates to us in modern day...ie, the emphasis we place on youth, beauty, knowledge, and wealth.. The beauty one has really been nagging at me.   I really feel unsettled internally about it.  Maybe I'm just a screwed up mess....yep, that could be it. (I also think of this with my hair being so gray..color or not to color)  I decided to try to get up a few minutes earlier each day to slap on my make-up the last few days.  My children have noticed, the school kids have told me how pretty  I look, AND some of the adults I encounter on a regular basis have seemed to make a really big surprised compliment about how nice I look.  I appreciate it, I really do.  What does that say to me, though...the me inside my head...(crazy...I know)  I am indifferent, I just don't know how to process the thinking.  I'm me no matter what's on my face...made up or not.  I don't necessarily feel like I need to wear make up every day, it does not change who I am.  It certainly changes the reactions I get from people sometimes.  I don't necessarily want to dye my hair, but I dislike that people comment on it a lot when they find out I'm only 35...I mean, really, I'm 35 no matter what color my hair is. how do we keep ourselves from being sucked into being Babylonian women???Ugh, I just don't know....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sausage Arm Parable

Once upon a time there was a woman who thought she might go to goodwill and find some new, used clothes for herself.  She just happened to have a ten dollar reward card that entitled her to ten dollars worth of free merchandise.  Now, said woman, also happened to be a plus size woman and in recent days, thought her arms looked sort of like link sausages.  You know, from the shoulder to elbow, reminded her of sausage links.  It sounds odd, but that is what she thought when she looked in the mirror.  So, this lovely woman, ahem, went to the Goodwill, in spare window of time and started scanning the aisles.  Well, wouldn't you know, with free money in her pocket...she is struggling to find ANYTHING at all.  She did pass up a shirt with cutesy short sleeves, thinking in her head," that probably wouldn't fit my arms" so she didn't even try it on.  She became discouraged as she came to the end of the plus size clothes rack, frustrated that of course she wouldn't find someting since she had money available.  Her next thoughts took her to all the other "departments" of the store, with still no would be purchases.  She decides to check out the clothing rack one more time to see if something new has been added or if she might have overlooked a diamond in the rough so to speak.  She comes across this flannel print cutesy shrit, again, thinking, "that's my size, maybe the arms will fit after all".  Not having time to go to the dressing room and desperately wanting to fulfill her retail therapy, she thinks, "perhaps I'll just slip it on over my shirt, it's button up after all, that will give me some idea if it will work".  She places her arm in the first hole to find the sleeve is a wee bit snug. But, hey, a little tug, she can handle a little snug-ness, right?  She slips her other arm in and pulls the shirt about her and finds, it really probably won't work.  The arms would be snug, but doable, but the buttons probably won't accommodate ample boosom.  She sighs.  Oh well, she guesses retail therapy is shot for the day and she needs to get moving out of this store.  She shrugs "cutesy" shirt down her arms to find...uh oh....it's stuck on her arms.  She realizes, in sudden panick, the shirt is just not coming off.  A five minute wrestling match ensues, in which the shirt is winning.  The woman, in dismay, wonders if she is going to have to grab a stranger to tug this shirt off.  She is wondering if someone somewhere is watching this on a video camera, laughing hysterically.  She takes a moment to calm herself and wills herself to get this shirt off!  After another wrestling match, she is able to dislodge the shirt from her arms and get out of dodge.  Some days later, she finds herself pretty tickled at the sight it must have caused for anyone who might have been watching me  eer.....I mean her.  The End.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A ( doozy of a) week in Review

Last Monday: Lillian has therapy 9-11.  Appointment in KY at 1.  Realizing I will not make it home in time for nine year old Madeline, I ask a friend to pick her up.  Friend gets tied up at work, misses time, shows up late to house...no Madeline.  By the time I arrive, Madeline has been found down the street at a friend's house.  Monday evening, 11 year old Isabelle is done with cross country meet, needs a ride...calls back one minute later says Pastor will bring her home.  Calls back 5 minutes later, says Pastor left, I need to pick her up.  Bring her home.  4 minutes later, Pastor at front door, in near panic mode...he had just gone across the field to pick up his son.   Lillian has started throwing up feeds.

Tuesday: Busy morning, take baked goods to church to make peace offering for all the trouble I feel like I've created via my kids...come home, 4pm, phone rings...15 year old Bethany has missed the bus from school.  FROM school.  In fact, FIVE kids miss same bus from school.  hmm.  Go to get her, pass her friends walking home, pick her up.  At her urging, stop in parking lot by previously mentioned walkers, as we pull up, one of said teenagers has just been struck by a car.( PTL he turns out to be ok, just bruised up pretty good.) I order other walking teen into vehicle and drive him home.  I get home, potatos have turned but oh well, they go in the oven anyway.  Feeling a little shaken by car crash teenager....realize it's 10 minutes past time to pick up 11 year old Isabelle from cross country.  UGH.  Lillian is still puking.

Wednesday:  Get up, get ready to go to store...end up paying bills.  Go to goodwill and big lots...decide to go to nearby town.  Eat supper with some extended family.  Go to Sam's club with 9 kids and 3 adults total.  Get home, all kids totally grumpy.  What was I thinking? More puking.

Thursday: MUST GO TO STORE.  No milk in the house, husband less than thrilled. Get Lillian to therapy...must get milk.  Pouring onslaught of rain.  *sighs* Get a bath on the way to car.  Dirt all up my legs.  Umbrella NOWWHERE to be found.  Drop of Lillian, head to get milk.  TRAIN.  15 minutes behind train = not enough time to get to store.  Decide to get oil changed.  Mr. Lubie closed.  Must drive to other end of town to other Mr.  Lubie.  Pick up Lillian, get her off to school, stop at church for ice in cooler for grocery trip.  Talked into coming back and baking for Octoberfest.  Kids home, pick up from cross country.   Daughter volunteers me to take someone home....take child home, pizza for dinner, older girls to football game, off to store for milk.  Lillian still pukes, have to stop feeds almost completely.

Friday:Lunch with friend in nearby town.  Home late.  Pick up kids from CC, off to supper at a friend's house followed by scary movie.  Still puking.

Saturday: Prayer room, then off to Indy for a visit with Grandma.  Home, supper date with Hubs, off to Walmart for Monday's Labor Day cookout at my house, which is a disaster because I've not had a moment to clean. Ready to make cake for dinner at someone's home that I don't know well tomorrow...BUT cake turns to fruit salad as 13 year old has dropped Labor Day's watermelon and cracked it all the way around.  Lillian pukes for 30 minutes, forcing a stop at rest area.

Sunday: Church, then off to dinner with a couple from church who'd like to get to know us better.  Whole day spent there, home, get final things done for Labor Day cookout tomorrow.  It'll be outside, so the house will be ok so so.  Lillian pukes on couch of host.

Monday: get up, start cooking.  Make deviled eggs, potato salad, butterscotch oatmeal bars, cupcakes, pasta salad, baked beans, prep hamburger toppings,reheat augratin potatoes,  must get done early bc family member coming early to cook her stuff here.  Start grilling meat, almost done with hamburgers and gas runs out on grill.  Realize it is way too cold to eat outside, must make room in house for all these peeps.  Family here, eat, play cards.  13 year old Rebecca realizes Washington DC fundraiser stuff due tomorrow, has lost 77 dollars somewhere.  Maybe it has fallen behind kitchen cabinets...hubs and brother in law, spend an hour at least pulling out cabinets without tearing everything apart.  Praise God, it is really there.  I just thought they would get it all done and no money would be found.  Drop into bed.  I ache.  Which brings me to today.  Drop of Lil, reading in van, 13 year old calls, she has forgotten fundraiser stuff at home.  Duty calls.  Lillian is on a feeding and hasn't thrown up yet.

Welcome to my life. Thank you Jesus for your hand in it ALL.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

What you hear if you're listening.

I'm sitting here listening to the whir of the dishwasher and smelling my mocha something or other in the scentsy burner. I just put Lil on the bus, enter the house, and realize how much I can HEAR when noone else is around. I hear the air conditioner kick off and on, the dishwasher, the cars running down the road, so many things. So opposite from the norm around here with a family of seven. It led me to think about my week and the other things I've "heard" this week. Let me back track a little. Last week, I seemed to have something challenge me at every turn. It seemed as nothing I did ran as smoothly as it could or should have. I think I spent a couple days in a row complaining to my mom about how annoyed I was when she said to me...."well, Michelle, I think God is trying to train your patience, and when you learn the lesson, I think less of this will happen." Well....I just could not believe my Mother was lecturing me on patience. Seriously, me? Impatient? Many thoughts poured through my mind, I was immediately annoyed that she would think I was needing more patience. Had she forgotten the last four-five years of my life?? Really, I thought, how wrong she was to say such a thing. I was patient, probably more so than her. I even went to the length of calling my sister and complaining about that. Sheesh. In the midst of the previous week, I had a friend from church whose Mother was slowly dying. I prayed about it all week, asking the Lord to end her suffering. She was nothing more than a shell, barely hanging on and it just seemed like needless suffering for her, for my friend, for the family. I was sitting in the tub Friday night, chatting in prayer with God. I was praying for him to call my friend's mother home. I was questioning His reasoning for allowing her to be in this state, why could he not just call her home? Bang, smack into my thoughts came the words, mind you I'm still mid sentence of my reasons of not understanding, "Be patient, wait on me". It was like a smack to the face. My immediate thought, well, this must be something I need to share with my friend. The Holy Spirit had surely shared these words with me so I could share them with my friend. I continuned to pray, and it was revealed to me, No, Michelle, these words are for you. It brings me to tears as I think about it. My week of little insignificant issues were just that, insignificant. I shared the story yesterday with my sister, and today felt it weigh upon me to also tell my Mom. Much as I hated to admit it to her, because you know I'm just human.... I told her. I still can't say I love knowing it, but she said to me, God tried to use me to tell you, but when you wouldn't listen he brought it to you himself. Even at 35, I'm still a child of the King, being taught, being stretched, being guided through whatever means necessary. Maybe it's a lesson in patience as well as listening. Thank goodness He never gives up on His children.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Following Up

So, my mass or area of dense tissue went from being 9 cm to 3 cm, so that is good news. The disturbing news....the radiology report didn't read ANYTHING like what the radiologist actually said to me on the table. Now, I admit I was a little off my game that day, but I'm not a total loon, I do know what she told me. The "dense tissue" is still there and I'm to monitor it to check for change. Hmph. Also bothersome, I have to have another mammogram in six months, yay me. Really stoked for that experience again. Bleck.

We went on our first family camping trip last weekend. It was insanely hot, but we did enjoy ourselves and hope we can someday secure a pop up camper to make the experience more enjoyable and more frequent. I was so relaxed. It really was a great time. Unfortunately we came home and Lillian got really sick...so did I...and so did Isabelle. Not so relaxing.

This day, in particular, has been very trying. I'm tired and this stupid cold or whatever it is is still just hanging in there. Lillian is on TWO antibiotics and now has TWO oozing ears. What I want to do is have a two year old tantrum and call it a day, but I won't. This too shall pass. School resumes on Thursday and I really long to have my kids home a little longer, they are anxious to go back, and I guess, it will get a little quieter here during the day.

Overall, we had a nice summer, time in our neighbors pool, church activities, and most of all just good quality family time. Before I know it, Christmas will be on us and another year will pass. The older I get, the faster it seems to go.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Life's little notsogood surprises.

Ok, so unbelieveably, still, I report that the last couple of weeks have been a little rough. I managed to somehow come down with mastitis. Never had it in five pregnancies, but for some reason manage to get the awful illness. It is the sickest I've been in a very long time. Not to mention the pain. In the course of this illness, a mass comes up in my breast. To ease my worriesome mind, I co back to the doctor for him to just tell me I'm still needing to finish my antibiotics and perhaps be subject to a needle aspiration of what I think is an abscess. Imagine my shock when the first words from his mouth are something to the affect of "inflammatory mastitis can be a mascarade for breast cancer". Well let me tell you, I almost fell off the darn table. I think it was then, that my body just started following orders while my mind stepped outside of me saying, "this is not you". Honestly you could have slapped me and I don't think I would have known it. I go immediately from the office to the hospital for my first ever mammogram, followed by an exam by another doctor and then on to an ultrasound. There are words like, asymmetrical breasts, very different breast tissue, fluid pocket, inflammation, and puzzled expressions. The outcome, "well, there is fluid, but if there is something under the fluid I can't see it because of the fluid"..."you are not out of the woods, but at the edge of the forest"
So, I finished antibiotic and I wait to see the doctor again. It'll all work out.

Yesterday, on the intersate, driving home, a semi had a tire blow out in front of my car. The explosion scared me to death. I was less than a car length behind him and it was his back inside tire. Big cloud of black smoke, then debris hitting my windshield.

I need a few less surprises in my life these days.

I need a vacation....oh, and a money tree.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July and other stuff....

Ok, so I won't complain, why is blogger posting my pics like this? I guess I'm just happy they uploaded. Just a few of my favorite pics of our 4th of July picnic. I made a lasagna, strawberry pie, and texas sheet cake. My sister brought chicken caeser salad, and garlic bread. Grandma threw in some KFC and we sat around and enjoyed some family time. My Mom came later, as well as my brother in law after he got off work, and he shot off some fireworks. My BIL was shooting off fireworks, and I had the warm sense of nostalgia, as it was something we did as kids. I remembered having sparklers, but didn't remember actual fireworks until they started shooting off in the sky. The end of the night was the best part of the day. For me. My kids also delcared it was the best 4th ever. Although, my niece let me know that "normal" folk have hamburgers on holidays, I didn't come home with ANY lasagna leftover. LOL. We've never been accused of being normal, that's all I can say. My girls are growing so fast.

Thursday, June 30, 2011


1. Would it not crack you up if you found these images of your husband on the camera. Pictures that he takes just to crack me up? I get kissy lips on my cell phone a lot too. The other day, he did a post it note on my phone that said I love you baby. He routinely sets my alarm and it goes off saying I love you. Just a few of the reasons I've loved this man more than half my life!

2. A quilt I've been working on for YEARS, yes I mean years. Course, I think I started it pre-Lillian, so you can understand why it's not done. One thing that bothers me, as a novice quilter, I didn't draw any lines before i started quilting it, so it looks like i was drunk while I quilted. I really love the pattern and the colors, oh the colors I LOVE, it took me a good long while in the store to pick my colors and patterns, but I'm so disgusted with the crooked lines. So the question is, do I rip out all the quilting ( which is mostly done) or do I continue stitching like a drunkard, or do I draw lines on the rest and just giterdone? *sighs*

3. I made this for Lillian when I was pregnant, but didn't get it quite finished til much later after her birth. It just needs binding. Part of me would like to finish it and give it to someone precious that would love and cherish it to death, but the other part of me can't seem to let go of the sentimentality it holds because it was for Lil' Bil. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm very pleased with my quilting on this particular one. I quilt by hand, it's so soothing. I made my very first quilt entirely by hand, but now I pretty much machine piece and hand quilt.

4. This is my new ride. I thought it only fair to share the new since I shared the broken one. LOL.

5. I just finished reading another Robert Whitlow book and I whipped through it in a day. The sequel to it is not at my local library, so I have to wait for it to be transferred here. Not to worry, though. I've three in my stack callling my name. I recently started reading some books by Jennifer Chiaverini. Easy, good reads. I think that is what has sparked my quilting bug again. She weaves the story around a group of women joined together through a quilting bee.

6. All these quilt thoughts, remind me of my dear friend, Jan, who passed away a year ago with ALS. I miss her so much. Her husband gave me some of her clothes and her smell is still there, even after washing them in my own stuff I can smell her detergent or perfume, whichever. It's funny what sparks the memory isn't it?

7. I've been trying lots of new recipes lately, and today I hit a homerun. It was called deep dish pizza. I found it on www.southernplate.com I tweeked it a bit to meet my satisfaction. It was wonderful and SUPER easy. I've fallen in love with her peanut butter cookie recipe. I've tried quite a bit off her website, I haven't LOVED everything, but we've like a whole lot. I would love to have her book. I got it from the library, had to wait for it forever, but it was a good read as well as some great recipes. She really touches my heart. I cried reading part of it, seriously, a cookbook? I know. But- if you know me, you are probably not surprised. ha.

8. Summer has been insanely busy. Bethany has been in summer school, Lillian has been in summer school, therapies twice a week, weddings, birthday parties....no rest for the weary.

9. Enjoying our new church and the fellowship it brings very much. It is still difficult to be new somewhere, but given time, it will be more like home. We will soon be starting small home groups called life groups, can't wait to get involved with that.

10. I'm hankering to do some crafting, cards, scrapbooking, sewing..anything, but the the middle girls are sleeping in my craft room and another computer is set up in here as well, so room is diminshing. Thinking of moving them down and moving my room up, but then I'd really never get in there, so I think it will have to be just like it is for the time being.

I think I'm done now. Random complete.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Going "home"

Today we took the girls down to my Dad's. Two of them are staying there for a couple days. As we drove, the closer we got the more I started to have an internal reaction to getting closer to the place I grew up. Similar to how I felt,as a child, when we traveled any time. I always felt a bit more relaxed as we drove into the small town where I went to school. It was sort of like a peace, just knowing I was "home". Since my parent's divorce, in the times that I've been there, I have left feeling sad and aching. Most often in tears as I made it to the next small town. I've never really understood it...and I guess, even though my Dad is there, it bothered me because the sense of my mother was gone from there. I guess these few years later, I'm finally comfortable being there again without her. He seems to be spending more time putting flowers and bushes around the property and cleaning out the large flower garden Mom had grown. Today, I regained that feeling of peace. Ironically, putting it into words is making me quite emotional...but overall, the good memories presided today.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


all those cards I was making for my sister in law? I got them finished today..

and with the help of Bethany,

Got my craft room cleaned up and organized.

So, Amanda came over and we crafted...woohoo!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Surviving the Crash

The ordeal finally ends. The money should be in the bank by Monday, and with the help of some good friends and attorney, I'll have a rental until Monday. That is all I wanted I still have to pay the additional insurance, but I'll have the van until then. It is so nice. It has been 15 years since I drove a new vehicle and it is lovely. I shall miss her when I turn her in. At least I'll have one smooth ride to KY on Monday. LOL. We have been offered a very good deal on a used van, basically an equivalent to the van we lost and we will picking it up later today. We really hoped to get something with 8 passenger seating, but alas, it is not to be. It got me to thinking though, we should really look at trying to get something newer when tax time rolls around again and try to start setting aside a "car payment" each month. This will also be the first time in years I've driven a vehicle that wasn't white. *shakes head* . I know color is no big deal, or at least I don't think it is a big dea, but I'm a little excited to have a vehicle with color. Again, I pray that this is my first and last car crash. Not something I'd like to experience ever. Really.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sunday School Funnies

I'm teaching Sunday School for the preschoolers at church this month. I found how much I miss working with kids that age. I really loved working at the daycare I was once employed and this SS class has given me a little taste of that again. One of the little guys in my class has just kinda gripped my heart. He has the biggest brown eyes you've ever seen. I met him in the hallway this past week as his Mom was taking their baby to the nursery. I said to him, "Whaaazzzzuppp my brotha" (he's four) He started laughing so hard, it got me cracked up. We sat down in the classroom and he looked at me with these big sparkling brown eyes and said, "you are funny, I like you". We get on into the story, and there is a fly buzzing around the room and apparently his attention was focused on this fly, he says "there's a fly, they sit on poop" I just kept trying to go on with the story while giggling a bit and he still stalking " this like dung"...I'm telling you I just about lost it. It was totally hilarious. I was just hoping to keep the topic on Stephen and not flies and poop or dung. It make me laugh even today. We use this puppy puppet for a teaching point, and try to hide your surprise that Theo, the puppy came out singing shoefly, don't bother me. HA!!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

A Trying Week

This has been a difficult week. Starting off with car accident...don't misunderstand, I'm so thankful for the outcome of no injuries and of course walking away...there were so many blessings. Noone on the sidewalk, noone seriously injured and only rumpled cars to show for such an event. I, however, I am sleeping poorly. Riddled with nightmares. I have never suffered with nightmares. One once in a blue moon, but not like this. Each night is something I have fear of or one of us is getting killed or trying to be killed. I've never really cried over the whole ordeal, and you know I cry over just about everything...I keep telling myself there is nothing to cry about other than the fact that I had the crap scared out of me for a few brief moments.

For a week, it's been phone calls with insurance companies and transportation arrangements, having to fight for a rental, (battle still in progress) forms to fax, and life, life just to keep on moving.

Today, one week later, they have (as we figured) decided my van is a total loss and are willing to give us the smallest compact car on the rental lot. Now, should I be grateful? I am. I am glad they have accepted full liability. However, I lost the only vehicle that carried my family of seven. A tiny compact car will not do. So, I call and wait yet again. A very dear woman from church as offered me the use of her car during the day as long as I have need of it, and I'm very humbled and grateful for her sacrifice. Thankfully we live only a minute away from the church where she works each day and it is a good arrangement. So today, instead of rumbling to therapy in a very bouncy bus, I drove a car again for the first time in week. I have to tell you I was a little nervous. Probably overly cautious, if there is a such a thing.

I spent the day Saturday in the kitchen, breaking down my grocery trip. I had meat to separate and freeze and food to prepare for Sunday. I tried a new recipe for supper and it was well received, I'm sure that one is going in the vault.

This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I happened to notice a tote in my closet that I thought was empty, I pulled off the lid revealing a small pile of summer clothes hand me downs for Lillian. I was ecstatic. I thought they had been thrown out somehow when we moved. I was so relieved and thankful to have found them. I had recently ransacked the garage and basement searching for these clothes, knowing I'd saved them. Perhaps I should go back to labeling. ;)

I have turkey loins in the oven for supper tonight and realize I've run out of potatoes, I feel this is surely a main dish that calls for mashed potatos. Tomorrow we are having Sticky Chicken, and I'm wondering what I will serve with that if we have potatos tonight. Oh the decisions I'm plagued with each day...NOT. OH----

My sister, my dear sweet sister had her surgery Wednesday and it was an uncomplicated success. She is already back home in full recovery mode. She sounded like her old self last night on the phone. Keep those prayers coming, as I know there is so much more of the journey for her to travel.

I guess my rambling must come to an end, I still have thank you cards to make for my sister in law, and my deadline is drawing near. My craft room is an absolute disaster, I so want to get in there to clean and organize, but a sweet little four year old has decided the bathroom is her new play house. *shakes head* I had a moment yesterday, missing those days when I used to be able to rip a room apart and put it back together without having to stop nine zillion times....ah such is life as a Mom.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I went to sleep with thanks in my prayer

Yesterday afternoon I had to turn in some papers for Lillian's insurance that were due that day. Lillian had fallen asleep for the whole afternoon and even though I tried to wake her, she still snoozed away. The bigger girls got home from school and knowing I'd only be gone about fifteen minutes I left them here. I got the papers dropped off and headed home. Two minutes away from my house, I was driving along when I saw the other car. She had a stop sign but it was obvious to me she was not even slowing...I knew the inevitable was about to happen, I slammed on the the brakes and closed my eyes...the crunching of metal the impact of the hit and I open my eyes to still be travel down the sidewalk on the oncoming traffic side about to make impact with a telephone pole. My brain was thinking you are going to have to turn or you are going into that pole head first....I could feel the tightness of the seatbelt as it bit into my chest...I turned the wheel, clipped the pole and came to a stop. All I could think is get out get out, the airbags may still errupt. I thought, call 911, get out, check on the other driver. I stepped out to see the woman getting out of her mangled car and found my legs to have turned into jelly. Another driver, suggested I take my seat and then it hit me...thank God my kids were home, thank God I'm alive....oh my goodness thank God I didn't hit that pole head on. Every car crash I'd ever seen on tv flashed before my eyes. Thank God noone was on the sidewalk I barrelled down. It was the strangest sensation to walk away from the van, knowing it was probably never going to run again. I chuckle now as I think back, considering I thought i might just be able to drive down the embankment and go on home....

Last night, I dreamed of all the things I fear...fire, tornados, flood, evil presences. The best part of the dream? I was never afraid. Strange, though I was so close to all these things, I was not afraid. Thank God for keeping me safe. There are going to be challenges involved not having a vehicle, ecspecially with Lillian, but it will all work out. I'm just so grateful to be sitting in my dining room versus a hospital or a morgue. Could have been so much worse.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Blessings

It was a busy, but wonderful Easter weekend. We had something going on everyday. It was nonstop, but still enjoyable. I was so emotional. When I consider what God has done for me, it I'm so grateful. So unworthy, but given such a wonderful gift through Jesus Christ. Oh glorious day. I may have mentioned Madeline getting baptized. She accepted Christ as her saviour last year during our devotional time one evening. My Mom joined us for the service as well, and aside from Madeline forgetting to bring dry undies to change into, everything went smoothly. She thought she was going to have to make a list of answers for the pastor that day. We told him and he teased her a little prior to the service. Madeline is so animated, it was great to see her face through the whole process.

After the service, my mom and my sister and kids came over and we shared dinner. Mom passed out easter treats to the kids and when dinner was over, she gave my sister and me our gifts. As children, I always loved waking up to Easter morning because we knew we would have an Easter basket. We were poor growing up, so it was a special treat to get extra. Our easter baskets brought a little candy, but most often necessities. We were so tickled to get socks and underwear. Anyway, Mom pulls out a box and hands it to each of us and we unwrap. I was so tickled. Longaberger measuring cups and a little book about tea. (cause you know I have tea set obsession) So we are sitting there all excited and she stands up and pulls another box out of the box she brought...my sister tore into hers like a spider monkey..trying to beat me to the punch....ahem...and there is a set of longaberger nested bowls....wahoo, I'm getting beside myself by this time. THEN- MOM gets up again and hands us yet another box. It was like Mary Poppins' carpet bag...this box contains a longaberger covered casserole dish. I really cannot tell you how excited I was and still am. That was the final box and I think we were both quite amazed to be given so much. So undeserving. So, again, thank you Mom. You really made my day even better. To add to that, my sister gave me a new scentsy plug in warmer and melts.

It would have been a great day without ANY gifts, but hey new stuff is always fun.

BTW, I tried to arrange this stuff, but blogger just won't let me move stuff around anymore.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Seem so busy

It seems like I've barely had time to take a breath. So much going on. The older two girls in track with practice and meets every night of the week. Isabelle involved in a play for the Easter Eggstravaganza....which by the way was today and it was AWESOME. I was so proud of my daughter being a part of sharing God's message of love to so many other children and adults. I started crying at one point and just had to regroup. It was amazing really. Speaking of the EE, it was so cool, we went above our goal and had 16000 eggs for kids to "hunt". I was really looking forward to Lillian getting to participate in this event, and well, let's just say...epic fail. She was totally freaked out by almost everything. Oh, well.

We haven't had a decent night's sleep in a couple weeks due to all the storms and my little Madeline being so terrified by them. Even hunkering down in the basement does nothing to ease her mind. *sighs* I know she has to be tired. Exhausted even. In better news, she will be getting baptized tomorrow. Our second daughter to be baptized on Easter. So cool. Sheer joy.

Today is a bridal shower for my soon to be niece in law....is that a word? She and my nephew have been together for years and in June they are getting married. Looking forward to celebrating with them today.

We had another game night with some friends last night and tomorrow we will host dinner for my family for Easter.

I have finished a couple projects for my sister's daughter for her youth group. They are having a silent auction, so I'm donating a complete 8 x 8 scrapbook and some handmade cards for the event...I will try to get some pics of them posted. I'm thinking I might make up several books and give a whirl at selling them, I'm just not sure if I have the time to get them done.

I must go, much to do...hadn't posted in a while, sorry for all the randomness.

Monday, April 4, 2011

At midnight I fast

Fasting has been a topic heavy on mind lately. Perhaps a conviction. Tonight, at midnight, I will go to my church and spend an hour in prayer in the prayer room during our 72 hour continuous prayer. After prayerful consideration, I've decided I will fast as well for 72 hours. I've been so convicted of my weight issues recently, and I keep praying for self control to curb the habits I've created. I'm totally weak. I know, though, that God is not and He will sustain me through this time. I'm a little nervous, but I know I can do it. I'd like to use this time to train my thoughts on prayer and being filled by Him, instead of all the foods I fill myself with. It is my intention, to then begin a diet. I will likely try to keep this blog updated with my progress and would ask for your prayers daily as I battle my food addiction. I have a doctors appointment at the end of the month and hope to have shed some weight from the last visit. I will post that when I have numbers. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE if you read this, send some encouraging words to me if you happen by. Thanks!!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Do you ever see/hear things that just make you shake your head

I'm so not kidding. I was in Walmart late late late last night..ok, not that late, but it felt late and I was tired. It was 1030. At a time when I hoped to be sleeping, I was forced to navigate through the pallets obstructing all the aisles just so I could purchase an 88 cent pie tin. A pie tin, my nine year old HAD to have for school tomorrow. Don't you just love that? Anyway...I don't know if I was just overly tired or what...but I'm standing in line to pay. I've placed my meager items on the belt. The woman in front of me is checking out and chatting away with the cashier. The casheir picks up some yogurt this woman has in her things. Now I don't know if you shop at Walmart...but the great value brand yogurt is sold in small four packs. They are all connected together. A while back, they were sold as individual containers. Not anymore. There is ONE bar code for all four containers. This woman, has broken two of the yogurt containers off the pack, and the cashier is like..."um, there's no bar code on here" the customer says, "well, I don't like them being sold in four packs, you can't get differenct flavors.." looks at me and says " I don't want to buy a four pack, I like different flavors, I usually buy more than this, but not today, you can buy them like this...I've TOLD 'them' I don't like it" The cashier says "well, there's no bar code on these, but I'll just go ahead and ring in a price, bc if I call anyone, they are just going to tell you you have to buy all four and make you wait and I'll just sell it to you like this" SERIOUSLY?? I don't know what I'm more dumbfounded by...the woman breaking apart the yogurt or the cashier letting her get away with it. Really, it struck me quite funny. I'm thinking ALL sorts of funny things...I had a dozen donuts in my cart and felt compelled to ask the cashier to cut the box in half bc I only wanted six. If you have to break a container into pieces AND there is a bar code and price for a four pack of yogurt, then HELLO, it does not mean you can buy them separately.....you know what comes to mind? Here's your sign... can people really be that ignorant. Makes me shake my head. You know somebody else is back there in the yogurt wondering where all the OTHER two packs of yogurt are being kept...or that SOMEONE is going to have to pay full price for that two pack. Funny and somewhat ridiculous. See, bet you are shaking your head right now. Perhaps I'm just naive, but come on America. That would be like me breaking apart a six pack of coke or something equivalent...ROTFL. CUH-RAY-ZAY.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Easter EGGstravaganza

Our church hosts a big event for Easter for the community. Our goal is to have 15000 easter eggs for the kids to "hunt". There will be face painting, puppet show, games, and food. Here's a pic of our little family taking the challenge to fill 50 easter eggs per family member to meet that big goal! Lillian is multitasking....filling while getting filled...lol

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crazy Monday...I mean it... seriously....for real

Lillian woke up at 540 this morning hacking her poor little head off. I think she dozed back off somewhere around 615 in bed with me. Matt got up for work and a bit later my alarm went off. I kept hitting the snooze thinking get up get up. You have toooo much to do today to lay in bed. Supper to get in the crockpot, shower, Lillian to therapy, BFF to lunch then Lillian to KY. You MUST get up!!! Isabelle comes up and says, "Mom, a lady ran out of gas in front of the mailbox and needs to use our phone. " I say ok, take it to her. Lillian and I drag out of bed and head down the stairs, Isabelle comes rushing back in," Mom, the lady out of gas needs to talk to you" I say ok. Here I am still in my bed clothes, hair sticking up left and right, um, just think about how you wake up in the morning...funky teeth, crazy hair, dressed in bed clothes, sleep in your eyes, and perhaps dried drool and your face...if you are me anyway. This poor woman, greets me at the front door. Long story short, can I help her push her car out of the road and take her to a place to get her other son to the dentist. Oh- and by the way...she's pregnant. Yep, pregnant. I'm thinking this is the last thing this lady needs is to be pushing a car. Hello. So, we arrange for her little boy to sit in my house with Lillian while we push her car off the busy road into my yard. As I'm standing in the road waiting for traffic to subside a bit, another good samaritan pulls up behind us and says, "you need help"...yes maam, thank you so much. This lady then says, "oh hang on a minute, here comes a man to help us". I'm thinking, thank you Lord for sending so many people to help us. I look toward the man and realize it's my new pastor. I say, "oh, that's my pastor". About that time, and I'm so not kidding...he is jogging across my yard, his foot catches on something and he goes tumbling forward, head first, then head over heels...I'm watching all this in slow motion, thinking Oh.MY.WORD. You know how in the movie Matrix, Neo slows way down into slow motion when he dodges the bullets...that's all I could think of. Friends, I don't know how that man escaped the gravel driveway AND the mailbox post, AND the cement culvert, but he did. UN-injured. I ran up to him and made sure he was ok, and let me tell you, he recovered quick. We get the woman's car off the road and I drive the woman where she needs to go. All the while thinking, man I hope he's really ok. After I get Lillian dropped off to therapy, I head over to the church to sign Matt up for the work day on Saturday and to check if he's really ok. He was really ok and we got a good chuckle out of the whole event. He admitted to me that God had humbled him real quick with that stumble. My day was full and busy with all that I had going on, but God opened a door for me to invite someone new to church. I think it would be so neat if they did come all as a result of a really inconvenient incident. I had her on my mind all day, thinking of days when I'd been in similar situations. What a day! Definitely not a normal Monday!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Do you think she thought I was crazy?

I was at the good old Walmart this past week with my two eldest daughters looking for tennis shoes. It was evening, but not really late. Maybe 7 or 8. We found what we needed and headed for the van. As we were loading bags, it became clear that some folks right across from us were having a very heated discussion. Heated discussion became an all out free for all cussing and screaming and hitting match. There appeared to be a young woman, young man, older woman and young child. The adults are screaming every profanity under the sun at each other and the child is in the car wailing and pleading for her grandma. I rushed my girls into the car and.. around the same time a young mother with her small toddler were loading their car right next to me. I shut my van door and before I knew what I was doing, I was helping this young lady load her car. She was a bit shocked and her toddler very quickly told me "no!" I then said, "here let me help you" All I could think was hurry and get your baby in the car before someone starts shooting...I mumbled that there was some crazy people next to us and she said she heard too. I really don't know what came over me, but I just did not want her out there with her baby while these looney bin people were out there cussin' like sailors and chasing each other around. It was crazy. I got in my car and called 911. The police rolled in and I pointed to the direction they were. What I thought was a little fender bender, turned out to be some domestic dispute. That kind of stuff makes me nervous. Thinking back on the night, though, I wonder what might have gone through the young mother's mind who was next to me when I just started hauling bags out of her cart and setting them in her van.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Making an impact


So much of the time I am questioning myself on if I'm doing a good job as a mother and if I'm making an impact on my kids. I wonder, sometimes, at their decision making. I hope I'm showing them what a godly mother is. I hope I'm showing them what a good person is. I wonder so much of the time how our life change has affected them in their lives. It's difficult to know how kids are processing things in their minds. Even when you ask them, they don't even know what your are talking about. Many times I feel unappreciated. I wonder where in the world I've gone wrong when they display behavior that shocks me. Mostly, I just try to remind myself they are kids and they are learning. They will understand it all someday when they are mothers themselves. I want them to see how wonderful and fulfilling it is to be a stay at home Mom.

Personally, I am so humbled when the girls are involved in volunteering and someone comes and tells me how wonderful they are and how they are easy to work with and just do what they are supposed to do with out being asked or shadowed all along. I think that is some kind of reflection that I am doing the job that I need to be.

Yesterday, Isabelle (11) came home, walked in and went right back out. She returned for a drink a bit later and when I asked her what she was up to, she stated " helping Jan (our elderly neighbor) clean up her yard" I was moved.

As we were eating dinner, Rebecca (13) proudly announces, "I'm in the paper" I say, you are, for honor roll? She says, "nope" I say "pictured in the paper" She says " nope". She brings me the paper...7 seventh graders had blurbs chosen for the paper about who was the most inspiring woman they knew. My daughter wrote a paragraph detailing me. I was a blubbering mess. ME? Me who most times feels like I'm the worst mother walking the planet. Who often refers to myself as the MOTY?

Then she up and volunteers to do the supper dishes....*shakes head*

I was sharing this with my sister today and she said, "you need to laminate that baby". I said "yeah and wave it in her face when she's 17 and 'hates' me for something. " lol

I am wrapped in comfort in the days events. It is awesome to see them growing and reflecting some of the things I'm hoping we are teaching them.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

And if our God is with us...

I LOVED LOVED LOVED all the worship songs in the service today. Not that I dislike any songs, but today's music really spoke to me. I'm also totally blown away by having not one, but TWO dynamic pastors. They are both absolutely passionate for the Lord. Our youth Pastor gave the sermon today. It shouldn't be , but it is amazing to me to be so blessed by hearing both of these men lead in worship on Sunday mornings. Phenomenal. Really. Today we joined the church we have been visiting...and oddly enough I wasn't even nervous. We were presented to the church today for membership and were warmly welcomed afterwards. Perhaps because I was so drawn into preaching, it hadn't even occurred to me to be nervous. OR...maybe it's just not about me at all and I know that. No nerves necessary.

We came home, fired up the new grill and had bbq chicken, grilled garlic bread, and italian pasta salad. We took some plates to our neighbors and finished off with a lovely little chocolate cake dessert we were given as we left the church today.

I look forward to making new relationships in our new church home. It was very difficult for me when we transitioned out of the church I grew up in. This transition has been wonderful. I hope it's because I'm growing in the Lord. I believe this is the place He wants us to be. It is really indescribable how it feels to be in a place where I feel a large family is not only acceptable, but loved, no questions asked. To be in a place you know you are supposed to be.

What a blessed day this has been and the day is still early. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

Almost a week in review

This has been a wonderful week. Quality time with my family, a little bit of this and that. Let's see, want to hear my most embarassing moments of the week?

I went to Kohls in hopes of finding a coffee mug holder. You know, like a metal tree of sorts...well, I walked in and they have those five dollar deals on stuffed animals. They happened to have the very hungry catepillar, since we were going to try taking Lillian to the movies, I thought hey, five bucks, I'll get one of those and she'll play with it, she LOVES the book. I picked it up and as I was walking by the checkout line, I saw Lillian's speech therapist from school and tapped her in the back with it....just as I did it she turned to look me straight in the face, and I said "hey, lady" only to be staring back at a total stranger that simply looked like Lillian's speech therapist. I wanted to DIE. It was so embarassing. I apologized profusely and she was very gracious and thought it funny....geez....

Last night, I was in Walmart in the self check out with Bethany and her little boyfriend, we were waiting behind this lady who was checking out her stuff. Bethany had started asking me over and over again if I would get beef jerky for her and the BF to share. I kept saying no, and on about the third request, I said, very exasperated, "Bethany, come on....seriously..." the lady checking out, says..."well, I'm sorry, I'm going as fast as I can".....I was like, oh ,no no no, I didn't mean you....I would never try to rush someone ahead of me like that....The kids were horrified and took off...which was hysterical. I'm not sure if her name was Bethany or she just didn't hear that part, but I felt pretty silly and a little embarrassed. Of course, embarassing the kids was icing on the cake. *giggles*

That sums up this weeks embarrassing episodes.

My husband has worked so hard this week, painting, hanging shelves and pictures, cleaning out the garage, hauling junk away. It is so great to have some stuff done around here. Moving in the winter is not ideal, so this week has been great to get things done. We've also done plenty of relaxing and running around, and having fun just being together.

Today, I'm finishing up laundry and preparing to have another family over this evening for snacks and games. We used to see them every week, but since we moved it has been very little. They are a great family and have as many boys as we have girls.

I'm making banana bread from Southern Plate, some old pampered chef favorites, ham and cheese puffs, southwestern chicken squares, hot pizza dip, cool and creamy chocolate fondue, and just one of our all time favorites, butterscotch rice crispy treats. I think that should feed several teenage boys and my crew. I guess there's always delivery if nothing else...lol. Maybe I can post some pics later.

Guess I better finish off this taco salad if I'm going to, and get to gettin', Lillian has an ENT appointment this afternoon. Matt is on dentist, the second chapter, and doctor follow ups for everyone else. Laudry isn't going to wash itself...I don't think....drats. :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A little redecorating

I was able to purchase a service of eight of these dishes...I've adored them from a far for quite some time. I got them on clearance for 25.00. Tiny picture, but the color palette is all there. I can't wait to have dinner on them. They have a soft wavy edge. LOVE them.This is Spring Break for my kids. We didn't do anything special, just staying home trying to continue to unpack, get things hung on the walls, stuff like that. Matt took the week off too, and he has been FANTASTIC getting things done. Yes, we have done some running around, and today we even took in a movie with ALL the girls.

So a little history, our dining room was this butternut squash yellow, floor to ceiling. My picture is just not doing it justice. I liked the color ok, but it was just TOOOOOO much for me. I painted a little but Matt painted the majority. We left the yellow on top and the green colors are more in the sage family than they look in the pic. The lighter green is painted over a very pretty tin border that has lovely detail, I just can't get a good picture of it. My sister got me a new scentsy warmer and it is on the left. The second picture shows the red one, I have decided I like the green better. Wish you could see more detail. Red scentsy warmer.

I took a before pic, but lost it somewhere along the way...lol

This is the archway leading to the living room, Matt insisted on going to Hobby Lobby today, (I just browsed the scrapbooking area...can you believe it??) and I was able to score this little ensemble for ten bucks. It picks up all the colors in the room. The opposing wall is wall to wall windows with bench seating, I'm going to search through my tote of fabric to see if I can make some pillows for the bench. I made curtains when we first moved in. It feels more like MY home now, being able to my own touches in it.
The picture has words in script across the word prayer that reads, "when life gets to hard to stand...kneel"

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Dentist Appointment

All the girls had dentist appointments today. Madeline lucked out, as she was staying with Great Grandma up in Indy. The rest of the girls went and got cleaned. I considered changing dentist since ours is now about 30 minutes away, but, how can I possibly leave the comfort of the dentist coming out and giving me a hug? I've been seeing him myself since I was a little girl, and it just feels like family. I think I will just have to deal with the drive. I mean, really, it's like seeing a long lost relative every six months. The two office girls are so sweet and they just chat away with my girls. Old friends. I think I got a lead on getting some family pictures done reasonably as well, so I'm looking forward to checking into that. I need some good pics of our family. One of the receptionists gave me the info. The only bad thing about the dentist? Waiting. Waiting FOR.EVER. for three girls to get their teeth cleaned and then examined by the dentist. UGH. Such is life, I guess. I came home, preparing to visit a friend in the hospital and was planning to make a "live forever" bouquet for her. I saw this idea on a craft blog, and reinvented Lillian's formula cans for the "vase".

I only had to arrange the flowers ten times to be satisfied with it. Now, I think I'm pretty happy. Next time, I'll make smaller flowers. This takes fake flowers to a whole new level...LOL.

* note to self--create set for photos so everyone doesn't see my mess!*