Friday, March 22, 2013

Dear Blog

I'm sorry for the long time neglect...but life does get crazy in this house.  How bout a little update:

Hubs: Growing in the Lord by leaps and bounds.  Leading a marriage study group with a couple men.  Amazing. 

Daughter B: 16, driving, soon to be licensed.  Heading off to college in a year.  Where has the time gone?  I'm not sure who it will be harder on, me or Lillian.

Daughter R: 15, working hard and doing stellar school work.  Pushing my buttons hard and heavy at least once a month.

Daughter I: 13, rough year.  rough last two years actually.  Suffering from severe stomach pain and being blown off by multiple docs.  Course, me being me, I just keep pushing.  FINALLY, we have found out that the old gall bladder is totally nonfunctioning.  Surgery in the upcoming week or so.  Having a hard time adjusting to the changes she is going through. 

Daughter M: 11, happy go lucky.  not much rocking her world.  Really.

Daughter L: 6.  6 Glorious wonderful, blessed, busy, heart rendering years.  Check on her updates here

Me: My world just got a little sweeter as we will add another child to our family come October.  I was flying high when I found out I was pregnant and that lasted about a week or two, and then the ocean of nausea hit me and hasn't stopped yet.  I am so grateful, but at the moment, most miserable.  But- hey, that's just how it goes right?  It is all worth it...although, don't think I'm not praying for it to pass, because I totally am. 

Oh, and Magga May, spoiled rotten rat terrier, still my ever loyal companion.