Thursday, June 30, 2011


1. Would it not crack you up if you found these images of your husband on the camera. Pictures that he takes just to crack me up? I get kissy lips on my cell phone a lot too. The other day, he did a post it note on my phone that said I love you baby. He routinely sets my alarm and it goes off saying I love you. Just a few of the reasons I've loved this man more than half my life!

2. A quilt I've been working on for YEARS, yes I mean years. Course, I think I started it pre-Lillian, so you can understand why it's not done. One thing that bothers me, as a novice quilter, I didn't draw any lines before i started quilting it, so it looks like i was drunk while I quilted. I really love the pattern and the colors, oh the colors I LOVE, it took me a good long while in the store to pick my colors and patterns, but I'm so disgusted with the crooked lines. So the question is, do I rip out all the quilting ( which is mostly done) or do I continue stitching like a drunkard, or do I draw lines on the rest and just giterdone? *sighs*

3. I made this for Lillian when I was pregnant, but didn't get it quite finished til much later after her birth. It just needs binding. Part of me would like to finish it and give it to someone precious that would love and cherish it to death, but the other part of me can't seem to let go of the sentimentality it holds because it was for Lil' Bil. Not to toot my own horn, but I'm very pleased with my quilting on this particular one. I quilt by hand, it's so soothing. I made my very first quilt entirely by hand, but now I pretty much machine piece and hand quilt.

4. This is my new ride. I thought it only fair to share the new since I shared the broken one. LOL.

5. I just finished reading another Robert Whitlow book and I whipped through it in a day. The sequel to it is not at my local library, so I have to wait for it to be transferred here. Not to worry, though. I've three in my stack callling my name. I recently started reading some books by Jennifer Chiaverini. Easy, good reads. I think that is what has sparked my quilting bug again. She weaves the story around a group of women joined together through a quilting bee.

6. All these quilt thoughts, remind me of my dear friend, Jan, who passed away a year ago with ALS. I miss her so much. Her husband gave me some of her clothes and her smell is still there, even after washing them in my own stuff I can smell her detergent or perfume, whichever. It's funny what sparks the memory isn't it?

7. I've been trying lots of new recipes lately, and today I hit a homerun. It was called deep dish pizza. I found it on I tweeked it a bit to meet my satisfaction. It was wonderful and SUPER easy. I've fallen in love with her peanut butter cookie recipe. I've tried quite a bit off her website, I haven't LOVED everything, but we've like a whole lot. I would love to have her book. I got it from the library, had to wait for it forever, but it was a good read as well as some great recipes. She really touches my heart. I cried reading part of it, seriously, a cookbook? I know. But- if you know me, you are probably not surprised. ha.

8. Summer has been insanely busy. Bethany has been in summer school, Lillian has been in summer school, therapies twice a week, weddings, birthday rest for the weary.

9. Enjoying our new church and the fellowship it brings very much. It is still difficult to be new somewhere, but given time, it will be more like home. We will soon be starting small home groups called life groups, can't wait to get involved with that.

10. I'm hankering to do some crafting, cards, scrapbooking, sewing..anything, but the the middle girls are sleeping in my craft room and another computer is set up in here as well, so room is diminshing. Thinking of moving them down and moving my room up, but then I'd really never get in there, so I think it will have to be just like it is for the time being.

I think I'm done now. Random complete.