Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Date

Imagine, a candlelit walk way leading into a room decorated very tastefully for Valentine's Day. Tables set for two glimmering with candlelight. There are three balloons on the end of the table, a bag of hersheys valentine chocolates on the other. White table linens with red napkins accentuate the red all along the tables. Soft music plays in the background. We are seated and a waiter in white dress shirt and black dress pants approaches us quietly and offers us drinks. A beautiful appetizer of homemade bruschetta is already prepared and waiting for us. We are served gourmet style salads, a main course of hand rolled chicken cordon blue, sauted vegetables and some very smooth sweet potato souffle with a heart shaped pat of compound butter on the top. Sparkling red grape juice is filled in our champaigne flutes all throughout the evening. We are then led to stand up, join hands and a song is played so we might share a slow dance. We are reseated and served a gorgeous trifle of heart shaped chocolate sponge cakes layered with chocolate mouse, chopped strawberries and topped with almonds. Chocolate and strawberry sauces create a flower pattern under the petite dessert and a single chocolate dipped strawberry garnishes the plate. We then hear a very brief word on marriage and are served very decadent chocolate truffles. There is a second slow dance. The night is peaceful, filled with love. Our server, prays over us and says a prayer of blessing over our marriage. The evening comes to a close and as we exit, we are presented a frame with our picture, taken before we entered the room. This was a truly beautiful, elegant evening. We were so blessed to attend. Time alone is very rare in our life. It was great to sit across from each other in such a romantic setting and relive some of those moments in life we shared as a young couple just starting out. The church we are currently attending invited us to their Valentine's banquet and for $15.00, we shared a night that was priceless. Happy Valentine's Day, Matt, to 18 years of Valentine's days together, I love you more today than ever.

Monday, February 7, 2011

So Many Changes

There have been many changes in the household...let's see where shall I start. We did do homeschooling for one semester. It was very evidently clear to me that I was in over my head. I was never able to purchase a curriculum and build my own was just not happening. I had a very heavy heart...very many tears and prayer, I felt it was not the path for us. After all wassaid and done, I truly believe I answered God's calling and I believe that was what it was about. My following what He asked me to do and learning to listen to His voice. All of the girls have entered school again, even Lillian. They are all doing very well and are very happy. I still have anxiety about Lillian, but am leaning on my faith.

We have also moved AGAIN. Several months ago, it became very obvious to us that we could no longer afford the home we were living in. While we had hoped to purchase the home, we were denied a loan and also knew in the long run it would be more than we could be approved for to begin with. I had become very discouraged, we were drowning financially and I felt completely overwhelmed. I searched and searched for homes that would locate us back in Columbus, but that door was just not opening for us. The homes were either in a neighborhood we would not choose to live or in a decent neighborhood, too much for us to pay. I was feeling completely overwrought and finally decided that God had a reason for us to stay in the country house, but just could not understand why, but I gave it over to him and gave up. Stopped looking. About a month later, I was enrolling the kids back in public school and in doing so, passed a house for rent/sale by owner. I called him, and within a weekend we looked at the house, loved it, and signed the papers to move in. We moved in January 1 and find ourselves very happy here. We haved moved back into town and aside from little bumps in the road, we are doing well. God willing, we are here to stay, we would love and plan to go under contract for the home, but will see how things go. We truly have NO desire to move again any time soon.

We have visited a new church and aside from some very big differences in worship, not bad, just different...we are all liking it a lot. The Sunday School class has been wonderful for me and I truly believe the Holy Spirit led us to this church. I am continuing to pray about it though.

I have not had a computer for over a month and it seems one of them actually kicked the bucket. The other one is very old and I dont' know that it will be rehabed. God bless my cousin, he is working on it for me. I did have the ability to purchase an HP notebook this very evening, and have to say I like it. I like being able to travel with my PC and not being locked down in one room is great ecspecially because of Lil Bil, who is into EVERYTHING. (currently blogging from bed whoop)
I've had some pretty big "aha" moments lately. I have been doing a daily devotional for three weeks now..and I'm committed to growing in the Lord. I am wishing I could find a deeper kind of study, though. I like the devotion, but I would like something deeper. I seem at a loss when I go trying to find something. I do have Becoming a Titus 2 woman, so I think that is next. It seems there should be much more to tell, but alas I've had a very trying day and I think I'm pooped.