Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm a-gettin' tired.

We are officially moving and I'm worn out. We've had very little assistance which is extra stressful. On top of it the "new" house is drowning in the odor of dog urine and we cannot get it out. This in and of itself is very trying. Not to mention still needing to care of Lillian, cook meals for us, and daily living things....ahhh, soon this will pass and we will be able to relax a bit....hahahhahhahhhhaaaaaa......yeah right. I may not be back on in a while as things get moved around....say a prayer for all the nuttiness going on around here.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Crystal Ball please?

Could someone puh-lease, rub the ball and tell me that Lillian will be ok, she will grow and be normal and past all this vomiting and rough road? I want to meet someone who has traveled my road and says how things turn out....I want to know. I want to be reassured. I want to have peace that she will be with me. With us.
I just need to get it out sometimes. Just need to get it out of my head.

Our intent is to get some moving done this weekend. Hopefully that wil happen and we can get settled into our new place.

Madeline is in a summer reading program for the next week and a half and she is really enjoying it. I hope it really makes a difference for her. We are also waiting to see if we will get insurance approval for her treatment for the binocular dsyfunction.

Can I say that today my dog had a diarrhea in the floor (in the kitchen thankfully)however by the time I found it, Lillian had put it her hands in it and also hands in her mouth....*GAGS* Not a good morning. It's a longer story than that, but I'll spare you the details.

Went to a little festival down the road Sunday and bought some rosemary, the first herb for my soon to be herb garden. I've always wanted an herb garden.

OH- Big news, Belinda, my porch goose apparently lept off the porch and smashed her beak and has a hairline fracture in her neck. Gotta love it. Madeline thought it would be a good idea to try to "walk" her with the dog's leash. May I point out that I have ALWAYS wanted a goose for my porch. I finally get one for my birthday this year and she is already been damaged. I am totally about things are things and they are not as important as people, but it is disappointing. Those things are not cheap I tell you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I AM a bad mother...

Ok, I'm sitting here trying to catch up on blog reading...in the background are two, count em, two children reading out of different Shel Silversteen books. LOUDLY. (stupid libraries...) They are reading and laughing and cackling and rhyming and I'm about to LOSE MY MIND. How can I tell them to hush when reading is such a good thing??? WHY are my almost 13 year old neice and daughter totally enamored with the poems??? AHHHHHHHHHHH. Someone, please come get me and take me on a vacation.

I hope all reading know I'm totally joking about my jabs at reading and the library. Just wanted to give a glimpse of my morning...I am however, not joking about losing my mind, and friends I have very little left to spare.....

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What Matters

Sunday was the one year anniversary of the Columbus flood. While we didn't suffer the damages that many people did, we were affected, however it did not even dawn on me that it had been a year. When I really start to think about it, it still doesn't affect me. I think more about what really matters. We survived it. God provided us escape and a new home to live in. He allowed us to get our family out of the home. While we lost a vehicle, He provided us a new one. Maybe it's just because there are so many other more important issues to face daily that it doesn't affect me. I'm just so thankful that we only lost our car, a few belongings, and even though we had to move in a weekend's time, a home was available for us. At the end of the day what matters is this...

God is good all the time

Even when there are hospitalizations...

What matters is tween girls still Love their Mamma

And each other

Little Girls can be silly.There are soldiers who will fight for our freedom

My Husband still loves me as much as he did 14 years ago...
It's difficult every day, and some days it just doesn't seem fair, but I never lose sight of what really matters.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments

*Took the donated bed from the lady down the street. (who consequently did talk to our landlords about the house, she told me the landlords asked her if I was bad-mouthing them....hello, talk about integrity----NOT) So will people IRL please vouch that I'm a grown woman with integrity and I'm NOT a liar. *sighs* Oh yes, and I got out of highschool about fifteen years ago...

*New bed (as I giggle typing) is so small but infinitely more comfortable than former bed springy bed...LOL. Almost fell out of it this morning though...LOL. (note to self, why on Earth did I think we could get by in a full size???)

*Summer vacation is upon us and I am still alive. (2nd note to self, I so don't have enough food in this house)

* Box packing is coming along. I get overwhelmed about every other day.

* My laundry is totally crawling up the wall. As I've mentioned on FB, why can it crawl up my wall, but not walk to my laundry room?

*Lillian is still puking and not up to full feedings, but we are making progress. Also, MOTY got to her just in time to see her guzzle down a big ole gulp of bubbles. Yeah, I'm staying on top...

*2nd youngest offspring sprayed entire can of carpet cleaner spray upstairs and I'm bout to gag on the fumes. Nasal passages on fire.

*Camera will not connect to my computer and I have a really cute video to upload and I'm bout to throw a ten cent tantrum bc it won't work. grrr.

*Why is blogger word verification turning into a sentence??? Goodness gracious.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Am I the only one?

Ok, so you know I've been writing off and on about my lovely mattress (for those who don't know....we desperately need a new bed set.) It is old as the hills and I'm getting permanent markings from the springs that are protruding. You may or may not know that we are also flood victims from the Columbus flood 6-2008. We were lucky, we lost a car and had to move from our home but we were fortunate to not have lost our belongings. So here's the rub.....today....(btw our landlords have a FOR RENT sign in our yard and want to show this house WHILE we are living here.....ugh, that's a whole nother post) the woman stopped at our house to pick up a rental application and they asked the kids to speak to me. While I feel like I really shouldn't talk to folks about the house, I certainly am not going to lie about it....ugh, this is a bit of story telling, but I need to tell it for it to make sense. After a lengthy conversation and me delicately trying to not speak ill of the landlords or the house...just telling the facts, we got to talking about being flood vics, well this lady was one too, only they lost everything. She mentioned to me that the long term recovery team was giving furniture vouchers to flood victims...if you had a flood number you could go get a voucher if there was still money. She felt like I should go. She said it was donated you should go.....personally, and I told her this, I don't feel like it's right for me to go take advantage of this bc I did not lose my stuff. I may have had to uproot my life but I did not lose everything I had. While I'm DESPERATE for a new bed I just cannot see going and getting a voucher for furniture just bc I was in the flood.....am I the only one who thinks I'm right??? I know there are people that are taking advantage of the flood and it disgusts me. Recently, I had to visit a food pantry bc I needed food. It really killed me to hear people who had admittedly were taking food just bc it was there and free (baby cereal and they didn't have babies or little kids AT ALL) To me, this is no different a situation. But the sinner in me says go get a voucher for your bed...you deserve it, you are a flood victim, but the believer in me knows it is wrong. The other thing the lady told me, she said if you can't get the free furniture come to my house and I have a queen bed and box spring I'll give you. We got it after the flood too. You might find this crazy, but I've been praying about a bed...yes, a bed. So, is this an example of the Lord sending me a bed or the devil tempting me to do something I feel is wrong? You know like the flooded man who prayed to be rescued but everytime there was a rescue attempt he told them the Lord would rescue him, when he got to heaven he asked the Lord why he didn't save him and the Lord said he sent him three different rescuers and he turned them all away.

Aside from this silly little thing, I'm a little stressed about lots of things....which is turning into a big old headache. I need to be writing about it all to get it out of my head, but I'm praying about it all. Having a hard time. Thanks for any and all thoughts on the matter.