Saturday, October 10, 2009

Laundry Fairy? Cooking Fairy? Tooth fairy-can I get a loan?

Seriously, I am so tired. My house is a D-saster and I'm too tired to even care. It's all I have been able to do to cook for all the rest of us household members....I'm sure I will run out of underwear something's gotta give. I have been going days without bathing bc of my sweet little daughters' illness, and I'm sorry, sleep trumps showers when you are going to bed in the morning hours.

The other girlies in the house have been passing around sniffles and coughs and all sorts of good things and I'm just crossing my fingers that something new does not invade my wee little daughter's body. I hate for any of them to be sick.

Have I ever mentioned that I have two daughters that have PMS now? I'm not sure either of them will make it to 18. I've got one that cries over nothing and one that is so hateful you'd rather she did not speak at all. lordluvaduck, only three more to go. These are the days that I miss all those "little" girls I used to have.

Since we've moved out here to the farm, we are planning a little barn party at the end of the month, Lord willin' and the creek don't rise...I'm excited. I LOVE to entertain and I just don't get to do it all that much any more.

In other news, ever since the little tornado that tried to take us out...(lol) two of the girls totally lose it when it rains. Hysteria sets in. And Lord help us if He sends thunder and lightning.

Our landlord apparently had not paid our electric bill in several months since the REMC man showed up to take the meter a couple days ago. Did I mention we can' t live without the electricity. Hello, my child's life depends on electricity. Apparently, her second car and tractor took precedence. Good to know. I'd hate for her to only have one drivable vehicle. I guess we can live without groceries too.

Sorry, I know this has not been a very positive update, did I mention I'm tired?

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The VW's said...

I'm so sorry that life is so crazy for you right now! I wish that I were closer to come help you out! Just know that I am praying! HUGS!!!