Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is it with teen/preteen girls???

Well, I've been blog absent for a while. I actually came here to unload the yuckiness that I'm experiencing right now, BUT have decided NOT to. Instead, I will talk about the anxt that my sweet daughters are causing. Honestly, I love them...but they DRIVE me crazy sometimes. Seriously, my eldest wears two bras and two to three shirts every day. YES, everyday. What in the world? And why is it that they find bathing to be such a pain. They do it, but for some reason they don't think they need to.....hello, are their noses on vacation. Socks...there's another topic. Why do they think they can wear the same pair of socks several days in a row. Really we are not hygenically challenged. We (the parentals) change clothes, bathe and all that daily. Deodorant....teeth brushing. I could go on and on. Where in the world have I failed??? *sighs* Skip this part, if you don't like TMI, but my 12 year old recently asked me how to keep her private area from smelling bad, I said, well, you wash it and change your underwear everyday. Guess what, she wasn't changing everyday. Lord. have. mercy. No wonder I go to bed feeling like the world's worst mother. MOTY lives. (Steph over at Daily Smiles is trying to take my title, but I think I'm still in the lead)

And now, the boy factor is a major thing. I'm not sure how I will continue to cross this mine field of puberty without some casualty. (them not me)

PS- this post is meant to be funny.


Vickie said...

I feel for ya! My oldest(9), doesn't like brushing her teeth so sometimes I still have to do it:p It is harder to take care of them now then they were babies!!

Sherry C said...

hehe ... i can relate to your post to my boys need lots of encouragement in order to jump in the shower or bath.