Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Over a year ago

I made a choice to try to change my diet and lose some weight.  I was shocked to see I posted this almost  a year ago.  WOW!!  That little adventure went NOWHERE fast.  However...in January, I went to the dr for my blood pressure check and it was bad news.  Higher blood pressure and borderline  prediabetic.  I cried as I drove away.  I didn't want to have these issues, let alone them getting worse.  I like food and my mt dew and my chocolate.  I basically decided I just didn't care.  I knew it was something I should address, but I just have too much other on my plate to have to worry about it.  I, flat out, just didn't want to deal with it.  A few days passed and I slowly started making very minute changes to our overrall diet.  Cutting back on my pop, switching off of beef to turkey.  Little things that still didn't show much change.  I was facing more medication and I just did NOT want that. 
 I hadn't been able to wear these jean in over 4 years and the shirt was given to me several months ago and I couldn't button it.  I wore the shirt to church sunday with a denim  skirt that I LOVE and now is almost too big, hadn't worn it in years either. :)
I haven't been able to wear this dress in 7-8 years

I began to work out in a gym, not really having any idea what to do, but I started in March.  Working out really changed my thought process in regards to what I put in my mouth, so I got serious about a diet.  I hate to say diet, because really it's a life change.  Something I can change and live with forever.  To date, I've lost 17 pounds.  I can't say I feel a lot better.  I'm still trying to balance eating enough with the work out I'm doing.  I also can't report a dramatic drop in blood pressure, but I'm betting my sugar number is better.  I've had a really bad illness in the month of march, a really sick girl, and a back injury to top it off.   I am committed to changing and I know it will be good!  I hope to have 60lbs off by December 1st.  That is my only weight loss goal for the moment.  Here is a recent photo.  I took them while trying on clothes in my closet, which was a lot of fun, but also rough, since my wardrobe is seriously depleted. with only 17lbs gone I'm amazed at all that is just too big now.  WOOT!!


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