Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm back I hope...

Let's see, so much has been going on, it's just been very difficult to come and blog, I've been making attempts at catching up on my bloggy buddies, but good golly I've missed so much. I'm sitting here reading feeling somewhat guilty and near to tears as there are so many needs I could have been addressing in my prayers.

First up, Lillian is doing pretty well, I believe she is still battling ear infections, but we're dealing with that. All of the other girls are healthy and mouthy as usual.

2nd up, I'd been suffering from severe house-a-tosis (that's when you aren't able to leave your house for a long time...) however, the weekend was a busy one, so I'm better now. Went to a friends' house Friday night, ran around shopping for my Mom's bday Saturday and had the fam over Sunday for dinner. I'm almost over my physical illness, just a tiny cough hanging on.

3rd up, Burn Notice is back on, woo hoo! I love Michael Westen!
4th, believe it or not friends, I think we may be looking at another move. The thought of this is TOTALLY overwhelming. It is evident that we cannot afford the heating bill here and we think the money to fix it to be affordable would be more than we have. The good news, we are getting some helpful information from the Long Term Flood recovery team. I think we also have a couple options for another place to live....MAYBE. I HATE moving my kids again. Makes me feel like a horrible parent. In general I've been a little overwhelmed. The last couple years have been just a tiny bit stressful.
I did accomplish getting all my kids clothes sorted, purged,laundered, and put in a different place in efforts to keep things better organized. Course, that amounted to me working 3 days straight with no rest until 11 at night. OH yes, and then overheard the hubs complaining that there were clothes on the couch (bc I ran out of hangers)....I came close to some jail time that morning. lol. I have discovered I get little accomplished besides cooking, dishes, and taking care of Lillian. A lot of folks are leaning heavily on me to get some respite care, but I'm still not really convinced that is the answer. You'd have to have been through it to understand it. It's not as easy as it sounds.
Well, my bloggy thoughts have had mulitple interruptions so that's all I'm writing right now. Will try to fill in more later.


angie said...

Glad that you are back...and that everyone is feeling better! I'm also glad to hear that the homatosis is clearing:). I hope that if you have to is a good one. Just the thought of moving gives me hives:).

Marissa said...

So glad to hear from you again Michelle!

Please, never feel guilty about falling behind pn keeping up with the bloggy buddies. Especially when you have so much on your own plate.

I will keep praying for you and your family. You are not a horrible parent for moving your kids again, you are doing what is best. They will come to see that in time.


Vickie said...

I am glad that you and Lillian are feeling better.

You are not a horrible parent because you have to move. You are doing what is best for the family.

Never feel bad because you haven't been blogging much. Other stuff is more important. As I am typing this, I am thinking, I really need to do the dishes. But, you know that I am a blogaholic:)

I have never watch "Burn Notice" But the guy is a bit of a hottie:)

Take care, I am thinking about ya hon!

Finding Normal said...

I miss you! Still!
Good luck with the moving situation. I cannot even imagine having to move. I'm far too lazy. Hopefully the flood group can help you out!