Friday, January 30, 2009


Why is every decision so difficult? Why does my daughter have to struggle and suffer? Why do I have to continuously battle financial situations? Why do people who should be there supporting us be the farthest away from us? Why does it seem like the harder we try the harder it becomes. Why does my heart ache so deeply for others who suffer? Why do those have to suffer? Why do I feel like I have strong faith, yet feel like such a failure? Why do my childrens' actions provoke me so? Why don't I have contol of that? Why can't I reshape who I am?


Kori said...

I don't have any answers. Just know that I'm praying for you and yours. Much love and many hugs my friend.

Vickie said...

Ditto what Kori commented. I am thinking about you guys and hoping for the best.

This isn't much, but do you need anymore recipes?


Finding Normal said...

Stop beating yourself up, right now. Sit there and think of 5 positive things, right now. Don't worry about the older girls getting to you--they've been out of school ALL WEEK. Of course they're getting to you! You are doing a great job. With all of them.
Lecture over. Did you hear my mean mommy voice?
Hugs and prayers!

Ally in Wonderland said...

Because you are so much stronger and wiser than the rest of us, so God knew to give it to you.

I know, that was a rotten answer, how about I add you to my prayers?

Marissa said...

I second Finding Normal. Give yourself some credit sweetie. You are in my prayers.


Finding Normal said...

I hope you're home to read this ASAP. And I hope my comment earlier didn't sound bitchy. I meant it with love. Always.