Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Holiday Weekend Inanit-I mean fun!

No really, we had a wonderful weekend. Although rain threatened to move us inside and the hubs had to work on Saturday it was a great weekend. Saturday we had the treat of several unexpected but very welcome visitors. Helped the day pass since my love was gone. Sunday, dinner with my mother and C. We played a card game called Five Crowns and in game two I was mercilously defeated. I need a rematch. Monday, well, that was our annual Labor Day picnic. After my parents split, it seemed liked getting together on holidays no longer existed. I decided that my girls shouldn't not have memories of picnics just because our family was no longer in tact, thus I resurrected my own holiday picnic. Over three years, it has evolved into yesterdays group of 32 people, all the good cookout foods, games and waterballoon fun. May I just say, that I'm having a hard time getting around today due to the wild game of kickball, that fat-outof shape- hostess should not have played...lol. I had a blast and I think everyone enjoyed it. Course, there was probably a great deal of laughing at seeing me kick the ball and run like a maniac trying to catch the ball. I was quite certain I would require CPR before I made it to third base. The best, when my friend S, kicked the ball wayyyyyyy out past me and me busting a move trying to catch it....and her thirteen year old son whizzing past me to get it...hmph. Are you laughing? I also got the short end of the stick with the water balloon toss. Hee hee. The kids had the best time. It was just how I wanted it to be. The rain held off except for just a little bit of sprinkling after the game, but hey we were all sweaty by then, so it felt pretty good! The evening ended with my sister and her family coming over and having supper, playing skip bo and watching Monday night RAW. (yes, we are a wild bunch) My nephew went upstairs and snuck through the attic and scared his cousins half to death, it was awesome...can you guess who put him up to it? Yes, his Uncle. To preface the festivities we started the morning out with a plumbing leak in the basement and a leaky roof, but none of that stopped us from having a great day. How was your holiday?


Wendy M said...

I am so glad you had a good weekend Michelle. It sounds like you had real fun. I miss living so far away from my family but I'm hoping to have my nieces come to stay for a week in October (DV). I really miss them. They are 6 and 7 respectively. I feel I miss seeing them grow up... I was the first in the family to hold the youngest after she was born and that was special. xx

The VW's said...

Glad that you enjoyed your weekend! I love playing kickball, but seeing me run is probably quite a sight as well!

Sorry about the leak...I hate when this happens! I hope it gets fixed soon and doesn't cause you too much trouble!

Have a great week! HUGS!!!

Finding Normal said...

Let's see, I washed 15 loads of laundry, made homemade tomato sauce, and made 2 trips to Target whilst the hubby powerwashed the house. Today so feels like a Monday!
If you're going to be in "town" sometime soon--I have a bag of clothes that will fit Miss Lil this fall. I can leave them on the porch, too, if it'd be during the school day. I'd rather give them to you than Goodwill!

Crystal said...

Dude...nothing about whomping me 4 outta 5 times??? I'd a totally bragged about that if it had been me...I'm just sayin'!:D