Monday, September 28, 2009

Lots of stuff...just lots

The rollercoaster is doing it's best taking me up and down this journey of life and parenthood. Let's see, Lillian had her sleep study, (which is awesome, read the update here)...I spoke at the Women's Retreat and it was nerve wracking, but I actually managed to do it without having a total breakdown. ( I think perhaps there was a hole in the floor from where I was digging my heel into it trying to keep my composure) Upon arriving home from said retreat, Rebecca, child number two has managed to split her head open right on top which almost earned her some staples...dig a hole in her foot that looked like total hamburger AND wind up with a case of acute bronchitis and upper respiratory infection all within a short week's time. Isabelle is pretty sick right now too and upon telling three different teachers at school she didn't feel well, they apparently earned their medical degrees at the same time as teaching ones, bc not one of them sent her to see the nurse, who probably would have detected the 101 degree fever she had upon arriving home. Too late of course to be taken to the doctor. This does not make a mother happy. The didn't think she "felt" feverish even though her head was hot and cheeks were cold. One teacher even told her it was just the change in the weather. Hmmm.

Our roof is still leaking and the landlord has not paid the electrician for the work he did (which is in our name) Trying to not stress about that. Seriously, there is enough right now.

Cannot seem to get into the "new" doctor the children were supposed to see and spent one whole day on the phone with different docs/agencies trying to iron that out. Ironically, they have been placed back with our original doctor. UGH.

I've buried two pets in the last month, which was not pleasant AT ALL.

I managed to read a book called The Shack. I highly recommend it, I also just recently watched the movie, The Secret Lives of Bees and I really want to read the book. Anyone read it?

Blessings do abound amidst all these little obstacles, that in the great scheme of life are not all that bad, including being greatly blessed at the women's retreat, getting to spend some quality time with some of my best friends in the whole wide world. Being humbled by gifts that we so do not deserve but SOOOOO appreciate.

Sometimes, it just seems like there are more valleys than hilltops, you know? Currently, it is crazy windy here and I have the windows open. I might pay for that later, but oh I enjoy this time of year. My fave.

I bought some early christmas presents for my girls from my IRL friend over at Finding Normal and I have misplaced them, so I'm going ot have to do some major searching to unearth those suckers. Yes, you knwo those beautiful out Deb, I may be placing another order...

Stuff, lots and lots of stuff.


Finding Normal said...

Oh no! I hope you find the necklaces!
That stinks about the kids all being sick. And teachers mess up, too. I cannot tell you how many times a day I get nurse requests, and very few of them actually go. We try to triage them in the room first! ;)
I loved The Shack, and I think I have The Secret Life of Bees around here somewhere, in a box thanks to Addison's paper addiction. Good book and movie, which I think is rare!

The VW's said...

Life sure is keeping you busy! I don't know how you stay sane! Keep up the great work Momma! I pray that the next few weeks bring lots of boring for you! Autumn is my favorite time of year too! Hope you can take time to enjoy it! Take care of yourself too! HUGS!!!

Alicia said...

Wow, slow down!! LOL!!! All that and you had time to read a book??

I hope life will slow down for you sometime soon.

scrappy quilter said...

I'm so sorry the kids are sick. I remember all too well what that was like when the kids were little and we were fostering as well. It can be a nightmare.

I hope things begin to improve soon. Hugs..