Thursday, November 5, 2009

Surviving the Fall

Seriously, I have fallen twice in five days. Saturday, my grace slipped and fell in my tub. You'd think with all this padding it wouldn't be so painful...notsomuch. Yesterday, I almost threw away some stale crackers and I thought to myself, self...go throw them in the field for the birds. So, I did. On my way back to the house, I stepped in a cleverly disguised hole and gave myself whiplash. Thank the Lord for sparing my face and for a very kind therapist who taped me. My neck is killing me. Almost to tears. ACK.

I have friend on Facebook is in strong competition to beat me in Farmville, so I'm working very hard to stay ahead.

Rebecca is home sick and not looking good AT ALL. Had to make a run to the Vortex for sprite and pedialyte for the sickly children in this house.

Our first annual Halcomb Hoe Down was a success. We had a good turn out and I think a good time was had by all. If I ever figure out how to redownload my programs that I lost the software too, I might be able to post pics again someday.

I know this is a crazy random post..but I haven't posted in so long, I wanted to get something out here. This no trach thing has been a big difference in this house.


Always a Southern Girl said...

Michelle, you amaze me. I gotta get back to doing farmville, or am I doing farm town, I get confused, anywho, What's a Holcomb Hoe Down? How does it work? I am very interested. If you have time, drop me an email or a note on Facebook and give me the details.

I'm always looking for something fun to do with this bunch around here:-)
Hope everybody is perkin' up real soon.

Later, Renee

Alicia said...

Sorry about your falls. I've been there, it's no fun. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Pretty glad I don't play Farmville or town, from what I hear about it being addicting. I'm already addicted enough to my computer, anymore and my hubbs would probably leave! ; )

Sorry Rebecca and Lillian are sick. I am praying.

Glad that the Halcomb Hoe Down was a success. I saw some of the pics you were tagged in on FB and it looked like a blast. For me, family gatherings are the best!!

Random post, yes. But I am glad you updated!

Hugs, friend!

Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! It is never a boring moment at the Holcomb household! though, you probably wouldn't mind a little boring, Huh?

I hope you are feeling better now. A while back I hurt my back and it took a month before I felt better!

Hope that won't happen to you:)