Friday, December 4, 2009

Many firsts

It has been a nut house here in the Halcomb family. My baby starting preschool, turning three, thanksgiving, some new sickness to deal with every week and my first actual traffic ticket in my 15+ years of driving. On Lillian's first day of school no less. My girls are growing up fast. It makes me reel to think Bethany will be in highschool next year. She is blossoming from a young cute girl into a beautiful young woman. She is tasting the first fruits of a "real" boyfriend and a breakup, but she is handling it all like a champ. Rebecca is a social butterfly and soaring through her classes with little thought to it, just flapping her wings through life. Isabelle and Madeline are doing much better in school this year, what a blessing and they are too starting to grow up from being "little" kids. Me, well, I'm just trying to balance it all. We are still enjoying the house and the land, albeit there have been some issues, but in the great scheme of life we will just deal with it because we love it here.

Our four outside dog family dwindled down to two now back up to three and amongst the many barn cats we have also added two rabbit girls to the farm. (one which I thought would live and die here all in one day had it not been for my swift action in saving it from the puppy)

Pictures, well I'd have loved to added pics through out this story but I am thoroughly disgusted with my so called rechargable batteries. BLECK! This is the second system I've bought that seemingly is failing. Any thoughts out there digital camera users? Totally annoyed.

I have not gotten my Christmas decor up yet, but priorities...I haven't blogged in a coon's age...LOL.

I have a gripe I want to share about the things people say that they shouldn't, but I have decided against it. I just need to let it go and move on. Regardless of how it affects me. I just wish I could be more quick witted when people say stupid things. Truthfully, it's best that I don't, bc although they are hurting me it would be wrong just to hurt them right back.

So holla back blog friends, do you have your decorations up yet? any answers for the stupid digital batteries?


Finding Normal said...

I'm glad you're letting it go. Although I know you, and I know you're like me, and you'll continue to replay it way too often. People are stupid. I'll leave it at that.

Decor is up. Tree is still standing. Only 21 more days of me fretting that it will fall on someone!

No idea about the batteries. My camera has its own rechargeable, but it doesn't hold much of a charge. It's 5+ years old, so I'm really hoping Santa will bring a new model!

Vickie said...

You are a good person. I unfortunately would get mouthy with someone if they said something stupid.

We are starting to get the stuff up. It just takes us forever.

With my digi camera, I just use regular batteries.Probably about every 4-6 months I have to change the batteries. We do send them to recycling:)

The VW's said...

Good to hear from you!

Sorry, but I have no advice on batteries.

We are all decorated for Christmas at our house and shockingly everything went smoothly.....probably for the first time ever!

Have a great weekend! HUGS!