Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A ( doozy of a) week in Review

Last Monday: Lillian has therapy 9-11.  Appointment in KY at 1.  Realizing I will not make it home in time for nine year old Madeline, I ask a friend to pick her up.  Friend gets tied up at work, misses time, shows up late to house...no Madeline.  By the time I arrive, Madeline has been found down the street at a friend's house.  Monday evening, 11 year old Isabelle is done with cross country meet, needs a ride...calls back one minute later says Pastor will bring her home.  Calls back 5 minutes later, says Pastor left, I need to pick her up.  Bring her home.  4 minutes later, Pastor at front door, in near panic mode...he had just gone across the field to pick up his son.   Lillian has started throwing up feeds.

Tuesday: Busy morning, take baked goods to church to make peace offering for all the trouble I feel like I've created via my kids...come home, 4pm, phone rings...15 year old Bethany has missed the bus from school.  FROM school.  In fact, FIVE kids miss same bus from school.  hmm.  Go to get her, pass her friends walking home, pick her up.  At her urging, stop in parking lot by previously mentioned walkers, as we pull up, one of said teenagers has just been struck by a car.( PTL he turns out to be ok, just bruised up pretty good.) I order other walking teen into vehicle and drive him home.  I get home, potatos have turned but oh well, they go in the oven anyway.  Feeling a little shaken by car crash teenager....realize it's 10 minutes past time to pick up 11 year old Isabelle from cross country.  UGH.  Lillian is still puking.

Wednesday:  Get up, get ready to go to store...end up paying bills.  Go to goodwill and big lots...decide to go to nearby town.  Eat supper with some extended family.  Go to Sam's club with 9 kids and 3 adults total.  Get home, all kids totally grumpy.  What was I thinking? More puking.

Thursday: MUST GO TO STORE.  No milk in the house, husband less than thrilled. Get Lillian to therapy...must get milk.  Pouring onslaught of rain.  *sighs* Get a bath on the way to car.  Dirt all up my legs.  Umbrella NOWWHERE to be found.  Drop of Lillian, head to get milk.  TRAIN.  15 minutes behind train = not enough time to get to store.  Decide to get oil changed.  Mr. Lubie closed.  Must drive to other end of town to other Mr.  Lubie.  Pick up Lillian, get her off to school, stop at church for ice in cooler for grocery trip.  Talked into coming back and baking for Octoberfest.  Kids home, pick up from cross country.   Daughter volunteers me to take someone home....take child home, pizza for dinner, older girls to football game, off to store for milk.  Lillian still pukes, have to stop feeds almost completely.

Friday:Lunch with friend in nearby town.  Home late.  Pick up kids from CC, off to supper at a friend's house followed by scary movie.  Still puking.

Saturday: Prayer room, then off to Indy for a visit with Grandma.  Home, supper date with Hubs, off to Walmart for Monday's Labor Day cookout at my house, which is a disaster because I've not had a moment to clean. Ready to make cake for dinner at someone's home that I don't know well tomorrow...BUT cake turns to fruit salad as 13 year old has dropped Labor Day's watermelon and cracked it all the way around.  Lillian pukes for 30 minutes, forcing a stop at rest area.

Sunday: Church, then off to dinner with a couple from church who'd like to get to know us better.  Whole day spent there, home, get final things done for Labor Day cookout tomorrow.  It'll be outside, so the house will be ok so so.  Lillian pukes on couch of host.

Monday: get up, start cooking.  Make deviled eggs, potato salad, butterscotch oatmeal bars, cupcakes, pasta salad, baked beans, prep hamburger toppings,reheat augratin potatoes,  must get done early bc family member coming early to cook her stuff here.  Start grilling meat, almost done with hamburgers and gas runs out on grill.  Realize it is way too cold to eat outside, must make room in house for all these peeps.  Family here, eat, play cards.  13 year old Rebecca realizes Washington DC fundraiser stuff due tomorrow, has lost 77 dollars somewhere.  Maybe it has fallen behind kitchen cabinets...hubs and brother in law, spend an hour at least pulling out cabinets without tearing everything apart.  Praise God, it is really there.  I just thought they would get it all done and no money would be found.  Drop into bed.  I ache.  Which brings me to today.  Drop of Lil, reading in van, 13 year old calls, she has forgotten fundraiser stuff at home.  Duty calls.  Lillian is on a feeding and hasn't thrown up yet.

Welcome to my life. Thank you Jesus for your hand in it ALL.

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-Survivor or something like it said...

Wow. You are an amazing mom! Sounds like a tough week.