Thursday, November 10, 2011


Three years I've been blogging here in blogger.  I think it's time for a celebratory giveaway.  Surely I have some faithful readers/stalkers out there....I hope.  Anyway, if you are here, leave a comment and your name will go in a drawing.  If you can't leave a comment on this blog, hop on over to Lillian's and leave a comment there. Click on her picture and it should take you there, but I think I have the link above her name too. :)    That is all you have to do.  I will draw a name Sunday and post the winner and what you are getting.   Leave me an email address so I can contact you.  The gift will include some of my favorite things.  Thanks for reading and commenting. 


Cheryl said...

I'm one of stalkers, er um faithful readers and I'm glad we got to meet each other on here! How fun that it turned out that we live so close to one another! Congrats on 3 years of blogging :)

Anonymous said...

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