Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I must admit

facebook kind of helps fulfill my blogging.  And now, there's Pinterest. I've signed up to make a pinterest page, but just haven't gone there because I just know it's going to be a time sucker.  You know, something that sucks the time right out of your day? I so don't need that addiction.

How bout some family updating?  Let's start with Big Daddy.  Right now, he's battling a cold.  He is rarely sick, so I know there's something really going on if he says anything.  He is taking the spiritual lead in our family which is nothing short of answered prayer.  God is good.  A little plug---have you seen Courageous?  Go see it.  Take a box of kleenex and see it.  Take your man too.  If it doesn't move something inside you, I'm not sure what will.

Bethany had some allergy testing and come to find out, she really allergic to LOTS of stuff.  Our insurance is awesome, so she will begin a five year program of allergy shots to help with all that. 

What is it with teenagers an these uber serious pictures??

Rebecca just finished up her first season of cross country.  Super proud to see her push herself at each meet.  She is doing FANTASTIC in school, straight A+'s and one A.  A-mazing, I think. 

Isabelle also completed her first season of track.  I was proud of her for sticking with it!  I don't think it was something she loved, but she did it.  She has had a rough year with being sick and struggled with tummy problems, but I think she is over that finally. She went to her first dance on Friday.

Madeline is fiesty and busy as ever.  She is doing SO much better in school this year.  I think she has a great teacher.  Wish she could have loop with the same teacher, but our schools don't do that.  Much to my surprise, she wanted to join the running club, which met a few times before school then the children ran a one mile race.  She did a great job, but Big Daddy had to keep her motivated.  :)

Lillian got new glasses and that has been a trip in and of itself.  Just getting her to keep them on, sheesh.  Yesterday, I found them under the futon downstairs.  It's still hard for me to even get used to her having them.  Her life keeps me hopping ALL the time and if you follow her blog, you know that already!

Big Momma-  Well, I've been doing some cardmaking and some scrapbooking too.  I haven't scrapped in forever, I'm on a mission to complete our Christmas pictures.  I've gotten up to 2005.  I cropped those pictures last night.  Anxious to finish them and keep moving through. 

I've read a lot of good books recently.  The Yada Yada Prayer Group series.  Loved those books, they were almost like having daily devotions.  I'm currently reading Heave is for Real.  It is a very quick book, almost finished.  I think this post is probably long enough. 

Are you doing any crafting?  Is facebook and pinterest eating into your blog time? 


-Survivor or something like it said...

Just stopping in to 'stalk' your family. Just kidding of course. Your family is beautiful and I enjoyed your post very much. I have nothing but appreciation for great kids and all of yours seem to fit the bill.

And...What is up with the teens and the serious face? It is an epidemic!

Anonymous said...

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