Monday, February 9, 2009

Where do I begin?

This has been a crazy two months. Lillian was discharged from the hospital today and we've been home since about three oclock. There are about a million different things I'd love to type about, my frustrations, my fears, but I think I will hold that for the moment. I'm feeling very blessed at this moment...did my IRL friend Finding Normal send dinner to my house tonight and make my evening incredibly easy??? Did another friend do my kids' laundry AND provide a home cooked meal for my family while I was gone? Did one of my kids' teachers bring groceries to my family? Did countless people say a prayer for Lillian each and every day? Did friends sign in and comment on her webpage to encourage and lift us up? Did we survive yet another long hospital stay? Did I feel so rescued when a friendly face greeted us in our hospital "suite" when I was feeling so low? The answer to all of this...yes. A resounding yes. Totally humbled.


Marissa said...


So glad you are home. I will continue to pray for you all.


Vickie said...

I am glad you two are back home. I am going to keep you guys in my thoughts. I hope things go more smoothly.

p.s. What a blessing to have such good frinds:)

Finding Normal said...

You know we all do it because we love all of you. You're an awesome family, and we just want to do a tiny bit to help us out. Although now that I know Marilyn does laundry...LOL
Hope dinner was good. I left out some of the garlic and spices that I'd normally put in (it's the John Deere Mom's recipe but I kick it up) because I was scared the girls wouldn't like it.
Can't wait to hear all about this hospital stay. I'm sure it was just delightful, as usual. Hope to see you soon! Maybe I could come visit you after school on Thursday for a little bit, before I get the kids? It's date night, though, so I'd have to be fast.

Finding Normal said...

That's supposed to say to help you out. Although I guess you could get all southern like my mom in law and saw yous guys.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Im so glad you are home, and I so thankful you had friends surrounding you during all this. What a blessing!

Mandy said...

I"m guessing since Finding Normal is IRL friend, you are in in the same state as me and probably went to RCH? That's where we went/go too. Glad you're home. How are things going?