Monday, June 15, 2009

Crystal Ball please?

Could someone puh-lease, rub the ball and tell me that Lillian will be ok, she will grow and be normal and past all this vomiting and rough road? I want to meet someone who has traveled my road and says how things turn out....I want to know. I want to be reassured. I want to have peace that she will be with me. With us.
I just need to get it out sometimes. Just need to get it out of my head.

Our intent is to get some moving done this weekend. Hopefully that wil happen and we can get settled into our new place.

Madeline is in a summer reading program for the next week and a half and she is really enjoying it. I hope it really makes a difference for her. We are also waiting to see if we will get insurance approval for her treatment for the binocular dsyfunction.

Can I say that today my dog had a diarrhea in the floor (in the kitchen thankfully)however by the time I found it, Lillian had put it her hands in it and also hands in her mouth....*GAGS* Not a good morning. It's a longer story than that, but I'll spare you the details.

Went to a little festival down the road Sunday and bought some rosemary, the first herb for my soon to be herb garden. I've always wanted an herb garden.

OH- Big news, Belinda, my porch goose apparently lept off the porch and smashed her beak and has a hairline fracture in her neck. Gotta love it. Madeline thought it would be a good idea to try to "walk" her with the dog's leash. May I point out that I have ALWAYS wanted a goose for my porch. I finally get one for my birthday this year and she is already been damaged. I am totally about things are things and they are not as important as people, but it is disappointing. Those things are not cheap I tell you.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Yes I think we had the same kind of day, although the hands in dog poop into mouth might have pushed me over the ledge:)
thanks for your comment!

angie said...

That is quite a day:)! Glad that you made it through. I know that it's not the exact same situation, BUT Emma used to gag and puke 4-7 times a was torture, and I never ever thought that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. However, I look at her today...almost 6 years old, and I cannot remember the last time that she puked (Oh, yes I can...swimming pool...last week...remember THAT post...OK, forget that post...I'm trying to HELP you....LOL). Really, life is SO much better than I EVER thought it would be! The only time that Emma gags and pukes is in the pool...with unexpected water (not sure WHY!!!). I really think that Lillian WILL get there...she just needs a little extra time. Also, I have no doubt that she will be here for the long haul...she is a fighter and a survivor...and I think she has a long and wonderful journey ahead of her:).

W McCallum said...

Michelle - what a morning lass! Reminds me of when my dog was a puppy. He took some house training (almost a year)!! I took him to the vet in the end because I thought there was something wrong with him and all that cleaning was driving me demented (my house smelt of disinfectant permanently). He kept pooping and the other and every morning I'd come down stairs and warily open the kitchen door to make sure I did not walk into it. I got wise to do this after opening the door one morning and sliding in his poo! It went right between my toes... yuck!

The VW's said...

Crystal ball?.....No, but I do know that God holds Lillian's and your future in His hands! SO, I'm thinking that your future is going to be very clear! It may be filled with trials, but trust in the fact that He has a glorious plan for you!

I hope that the moving goes well for you! Yuck! I don't envy you for this! And, the dog poop incident poor girl! HUGS!

Thanks for your idea about complaining eaters!!! Our boys always do this and your idea is a marvelous one!

Hang in there! HUGS!!!

Vickie said...

I just saw your last post. Wish I could have sneaked ya in my suitcase hon:)

I watch once as my dog ate a dirty diaper. I was with my first baby and I couldn't get to the diaper fast enough. I had the dry heaves that night...:p

Michelle, I don't know what to say regarding Lillian. I am always thinking about her and praying for her. Even at grace for dinner.

Good luck with the move and I hope it goes smoothly:)

Finding Normal said...

Not mad, just lazy and reading thru bloglines without clicking thru. And slightly busy since hub's gone again.
We're getting ready for the first transition meeting in July. Yay. I know what I plan to do with her, but have to jump thru all of their hooops.