Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Fragments

*Took the donated bed from the lady down the street. (who consequently did talk to our landlords about the house, she told me the landlords asked her if I was bad-mouthing them....hello, talk about integrity----NOT) So will people IRL please vouch that I'm a grown woman with integrity and I'm NOT a liar. *sighs* Oh yes, and I got out of highschool about fifteen years ago...

*New bed (as I giggle typing) is so small but infinitely more comfortable than former bed springy bed...LOL. Almost fell out of it this morning though...LOL. (note to self, why on Earth did I think we could get by in a full size???)

*Summer vacation is upon us and I am still alive. (2nd note to self, I so don't have enough food in this house)

* Box packing is coming along. I get overwhelmed about every other day.

* My laundry is totally crawling up the wall. As I've mentioned on FB, why can it crawl up my wall, but not walk to my laundry room?

*Lillian is still puking and not up to full feedings, but we are making progress. Also, MOTY got to her just in time to see her guzzle down a big ole gulp of bubbles. Yeah, I'm staying on top...

*2nd youngest offspring sprayed entire can of carpet cleaner spray upstairs and I'm bout to gag on the fumes. Nasal passages on fire.

*Camera will not connect to my computer and I have a really cute video to upload and I'm bout to throw a ten cent tantrum bc it won't work. grrr.

*Why is blogger word verification turning into a sentence??? Goodness gracious.


The VW's said...

Yeah, what is up with blogger word verification?! It frustruates me! Although the one here is only 5 letters: pater. What is the point of it anyway? I haven't figured this out.

Sounds like you are one busy lady! And, yet you are keeping your sense of humor! Good for you!

A full bed? That would be a bit tight! Maybe you'll have to take turns sleeping in the nice comfortable bed?! :)

Hang in there! HUGS!

Always a Southern Girl said...

Great fragments. Don'tcha hate it when grown ups act childish? They need to get real already.