Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Am I the only one?

Ok, so you know I've been writing off and on about my lovely mattress (for those who don't know....we desperately need a new bed set.) It is old as the hills and I'm getting permanent markings from the springs that are protruding. You may or may not know that we are also flood victims from the Columbus flood 6-2008. We were lucky, we lost a car and had to move from our home but we were fortunate to not have lost our belongings. So here's the rub.....today....(btw our landlords have a FOR RENT sign in our yard and want to show this house WHILE we are living here.....ugh, that's a whole nother post) the woman stopped at our house to pick up a rental application and they asked the kids to speak to me. While I feel like I really shouldn't talk to folks about the house, I certainly am not going to lie about it....ugh, this is a bit of story telling, but I need to tell it for it to make sense. After a lengthy conversation and me delicately trying to not speak ill of the landlords or the house...just telling the facts, we got to talking about being flood vics, well this lady was one too, only they lost everything. She mentioned to me that the long term recovery team was giving furniture vouchers to flood victims...if you had a flood number you could go get a voucher if there was still money. She felt like I should go. She said it was donated you should go.....personally, and I told her this, I don't feel like it's right for me to go take advantage of this bc I did not lose my stuff. I may have had to uproot my life but I did not lose everything I had. While I'm DESPERATE for a new bed I just cannot see going and getting a voucher for furniture just bc I was in the flood.....am I the only one who thinks I'm right??? I know there are people that are taking advantage of the flood and it disgusts me. Recently, I had to visit a food pantry bc I needed food. It really killed me to hear people who had admittedly were taking food just bc it was there and free (baby cereal and they didn't have babies or little kids AT ALL) To me, this is no different a situation. But the sinner in me says go get a voucher for your bed...you deserve it, you are a flood victim, but the believer in me knows it is wrong. The other thing the lady told me, she said if you can't get the free furniture come to my house and I have a queen bed and box spring I'll give you. We got it after the flood too. You might find this crazy, but I've been praying about a bed...yes, a bed. So, is this an example of the Lord sending me a bed or the devil tempting me to do something I feel is wrong? You know like the flooded man who prayed to be rescued but everytime there was a rescue attempt he told them the Lord would rescue him, when he got to heaven he asked the Lord why he didn't save him and the Lord said he sent him three different rescuers and he turned them all away.

Aside from this silly little thing, I'm a little stressed about lots of things....which is turning into a big old headache. I need to be writing about it all to get it out of my head, but I'm praying about it all. Having a hard time. Thanks for any and all thoughts on the matter.


Alicia said...

You are totally not the only one who feels this way. I think it is appalling that people abuse the system and people's good nature the way they do sometimes. However tempting it may be, you are right to stick with your convictions. My mom and I were just talking about this very subject today, we have members of our own family who take advantage of others in this manner. It makes me sick.

Having said that, I think there is no problem in taking the lady up on the bed she is offering you. She sounds like a person who is genuinely caring for you and your situation. You need a bed and she has a bed to spare that she freely offered. Nothing wrong with that.

Keep praying. I will too.

Finding Normal said...

Ditto Alicia. I'm a rule-follower, to an extreme sometimes. But to me that's part of having integrity.

The VW's said...

I totally agree with Alicia and Finding Normal! It bothers me when people abuse the system!

But, this lady sounds like the answer to your prayers! God even sent her to your house for crying out loud! Take her up on it! She would probably love to be able to help someone out after getting so much help herself, after the flood.

It can be so difficult "doing the right thing" all of the time, but it's worth it in the end! I always try to do the right thing and when I don't and I get "caught", I'm actually thankful that I didn't get away with it!

Praying for you, as you are going through a lot right now! HUGS!!!

Vickie said...

I agree with everyone here. I just hate it when someone one takes advantage of a situation. Good for you girl!

If that lady is willing to give up her bed, then go for it. Nothing wrong with that.