Thursday, August 6, 2009

I get knocked down, but I get up again....

Remember that song? That's how I'm feeling recently. LOL. Gotta laugh. No seriously, we were very lucky, God was watching over us as always. We believe a tornado tried to touch down here. The news isn't saying so, but um, we were here and we saw and heard it....yeah, here are a few videos of a small portion of the damage.

I have more pictures...there was quite a it of damage to the back of the house and there is an entire tree down in the field. The power lines are on the ground, but praise God we still have power. It has been two days of hard labor cutting and dragging know, humongous tree limbs. At one point we had 4 feet high by 20 ft long by 10 ft wide of piles in the yard on either side of the cars. There is still tons of work to be done. Matt has had to take off the last two days, and that is the last thing we needed right now....but God will take care of us.

Have been busy as well with more doctor appts with the big girls in the midst of all this. Maybe some day I'll make it back to the blog world. At night, it is all I can do to keep my eyes open with Lillian. Did I mention that both of us can barely

Mandy---thanks for checking on us...sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner...hope you guys are ok too.


Vickie said...

Oh my goodness! I am glad you gals and guys are okay!!

Don't ya love it when the experts say "Uh, we don't think it is a tornado. We are going with straight line winds" Bunch of idiots:)

I haven't been blogging much either. Stuff has been going on and blogging is not giving me the high it once did. I am trying to regroup.

I am glad I can catch ya on Facebook:)

The VW's said...

WOW! How scary! Glad you guys are OK! I can only guess how heavy those tree limbs are, we had part of our tree come down this winter in a snow/wind storm and it was SO HEAVY! It didn't look like it would be that heavy, but it was! Hope the clean-up goes well!

Keep on getting right back up again! HUGS!!!

Mandy said...

WOW! Sorry for the damage, love your faith in God though!
Yeah, we just got wind and water, nothing too bad!