Friday, April 1, 2011

Do you ever see/hear things that just make you shake your head

I'm so not kidding. I was in Walmart late late late last night..ok, not that late, but it felt late and I was tired. It was 1030. At a time when I hoped to be sleeping, I was forced to navigate through the pallets obstructing all the aisles just so I could purchase an 88 cent pie tin. A pie tin, my nine year old HAD to have for school tomorrow. Don't you just love that? Anyway...I don't know if I was just overly tired or what...but I'm standing in line to pay. I've placed my meager items on the belt. The woman in front of me is checking out and chatting away with the cashier. The casheir picks up some yogurt this woman has in her things. Now I don't know if you shop at Walmart...but the great value brand yogurt is sold in small four packs. They are all connected together. A while back, they were sold as individual containers. Not anymore. There is ONE bar code for all four containers. This woman, has broken two of the yogurt containers off the pack, and the cashier is like..."um, there's no bar code on here" the customer says, "well, I don't like them being sold in four packs, you can't get differenct flavors.." looks at me and says " I don't want to buy a four pack, I like different flavors, I usually buy more than this, but not today, you can buy them like this...I've TOLD 'them' I don't like it" The cashier says "well, there's no bar code on these, but I'll just go ahead and ring in a price, bc if I call anyone, they are just going to tell you you have to buy all four and make you wait and I'll just sell it to you like this" SERIOUSLY?? I don't know what I'm more dumbfounded by...the woman breaking apart the yogurt or the cashier letting her get away with it. Really, it struck me quite funny. I'm thinking ALL sorts of funny things...I had a dozen donuts in my cart and felt compelled to ask the cashier to cut the box in half bc I only wanted six. If you have to break a container into pieces AND there is a bar code and price for a four pack of yogurt, then HELLO, it does not mean you can buy them know what comes to mind? Here's your sign... can people really be that ignorant. Makes me shake my head. You know somebody else is back there in the yogurt wondering where all the OTHER two packs of yogurt are being kept...or that SOMEONE is going to have to pay full price for that two pack. Funny and somewhat ridiculous. See, bet you are shaking your head right now. Perhaps I'm just naive, but come on America. That would be like me breaking apart a six pack of coke or something equivalent...ROTFL. CUH-RAY-ZAY.

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Colleen said...

LOL I hate going to Walmart at night, all the crazies show up!