Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Blessings

It was a busy, but wonderful Easter weekend. We had something going on everyday. It was nonstop, but still enjoyable. I was so emotional. When I consider what God has done for me, it I'm so grateful. So unworthy, but given such a wonderful gift through Jesus Christ. Oh glorious day. I may have mentioned Madeline getting baptized. She accepted Christ as her saviour last year during our devotional time one evening. My Mom joined us for the service as well, and aside from Madeline forgetting to bring dry undies to change into, everything went smoothly. She thought she was going to have to make a list of answers for the pastor that day. We told him and he teased her a little prior to the service. Madeline is so animated, it was great to see her face through the whole process.

After the service, my mom and my sister and kids came over and we shared dinner. Mom passed out easter treats to the kids and when dinner was over, she gave my sister and me our gifts. As children, I always loved waking up to Easter morning because we knew we would have an Easter basket. We were poor growing up, so it was a special treat to get extra. Our easter baskets brought a little candy, but most often necessities. We were so tickled to get socks and underwear. Anyway, Mom pulls out a box and hands it to each of us and we unwrap. I was so tickled. Longaberger measuring cups and a little book about tea. (cause you know I have tea set obsession) So we are sitting there all excited and she stands up and pulls another box out of the box she sister tore into hers like a spider monkey..trying to beat me to the punch....ahem...and there is a set of longaberger nested bowls....wahoo, I'm getting beside myself by this time. THEN- MOM gets up again and hands us yet another box. It was like Mary Poppins' carpet bag...this box contains a longaberger covered casserole dish. I really cannot tell you how excited I was and still am. That was the final box and I think we were both quite amazed to be given so much. So undeserving. So, again, thank you Mom. You really made my day even better. To add to that, my sister gave me a new scentsy plug in warmer and melts.

It would have been a great day without ANY gifts, but hey new stuff is always fun.

BTW, I tried to arrange this stuff, but blogger just won't let me move stuff around anymore.

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Vickie said...

Thanks for keep coming to my blog. I have just been a crappy blogger lately. Congrats to Madeline!

You got some good stuff!!

I can try and help you with your blog. I am not a pro but I know some stuff.