Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Ok, I cannot get inspired. I'm in a funk. Struggling. Wondering how I got here. How did my life get here and will it EVER---well, no, I won't even finish the sentence. So instead of whining even more, maybe I'll talk about my new obsession. I got a bread machine for christmas. WHAT was this fat girl thinking by asking for a bread machine for christmas??? In the last four days I've made yeast rolls....oh my word, cinnamon rolls that rival the mighty cinnabon---getting ready to go nuke one of them babies right now, and last but not least breadsticks that taste like they came straight from Noble Romans. Hello-can you say a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips??? I've always wanted to bake but hated all the kneading and waiting and rising....but lo and behold, the might bread machine does it all. I'm in L.O.V.E. I don't know how I lived without the thing and why I've been so intimidated by it. I've had little time to mess with it since Miss Lil has garnered us so many vacations at Riley, but since we've been home this time I've overcome my fear. Do you remember that old cartoon where the dog would eat his treat and float up in the air and drift down while moaning in pure enjoyment. Well, that's me. (only a much larger dog am I) Of course, ten days of living on hospital/Mcdonalds food will make you appreciate home cooked food so much more anyway. Ahh it's good to be home.

Lillian is battling some little something AGAIN. The kids are trying to drive me nuts, which let me tell you, is a very very short drive. Mother Nature has thrown the worst menstrual cycle at me than I've had in months which is helping to contribute to my less than favorable attitude and probably my eating bread festival. I'm already counting down the days until school is out. I know people think I'm crazy, but I like the summer, no homework, no laying out clothes, searching for socks....all that good stuff. Such a relief.

So, do you love summer break? Are your kids making you batty? Got any good bread machine recipes to try? Do you feel like the weight of your life is breaking your back?? Do share...


Finding Normal said...

Do I love summer break?!?! Now I KNOW you're crazy. Before kids I liked it. Lots of alone time, sleeping in, but I'd also get bored about halfway through and start working on school stuff. Now...LOOOOVE it. But there is still a tiny part who loves to get stuff ready. Then the students show, and it's all downhill until next June. LOL
I don't own a bread machine. I had a sourdough starter for a few months, and that was scary enough.
My kids aren't driving me batty. Until Noah's bedtime, and then he's so cranky and overtired.
And the weight of my unbearable lots of days. Today has been a good day. The dog is home and halfway well (for now), the kids are in bed, I'm going soon. I only had to deal with one hateful parent today. My students were decent. Tomorrow? We'll just have to see. I am literally living one day at a time as of late.

Marissa said...

CARB ADDICTS UNITE!!!! ;) I am right there along with you on the bread thing, Sister! However, I do not have a bread machine, and that's a good thing. THIS fat girl definitely needs to stay away from that ever-present temptation!

Terrible-Two's- Toddler over here IS driving me batty. How can she be so sweet, batting her baby blues and smiling her angelic smile at me one minute, and then, so suddenly, turn into the spawn of satan, literally digging her claws into my leather furniture the next minute??? A little overdramatic? Maybe. But it really does feel that way sometimes!!

Hang in there friend, it's bound to get better sometime. We may have to wait for Heaven, but it will get better!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

Love summer breaks! No bread machine.
I hope you are feeling better soon.

Marissa said...

Oh, by the way, I left my e-mail address on your other site, but here it is again:

Feel free to write any time!


Vickie said...

We have a bread machine too. I have made yummy cinnamon and raison bread. I love it. I put the crap in it and walk away. Fantastico!!

I love summer vacation. The sleeping in part is great. I can get back to liking Sundays. I don't have to worry about school the next day.

My kids are always driving me batty. Now that we brought home another dog, my stress livel is a little higher than usual.

Yet, here I am wanting another baby.