Monday, March 2, 2009

A Harsh Week

Ok, so last blog I wrote about Madeline, well, the next day, my 33 birthday, I found out that Plastics doesn't want to do Lil's surgery until JULY 2nd. (now, I'm not a cusser, but let me tell you how bad I wanted to) JULY 2nd???? Are they kidding me???? No-freaking-way! Don't you know pulmonary is scrambling to see if Plastics will move it up so we won't take her somewhere else. I've yet to hear back, and if I don't get a phone call TOMORROW, syonara Riley. We WILL be going elsewhere. That had me in a dither all day until I went into "fix" mode. Don't you know my buddy Deb is online looking up info on CCH for me while I'm crying to her in her classroom. Our pediatrician was also mortified. UGH, I should just move on or I'm going to gripe gripe gripe. It just kills me. Once again, I'm feeling like she's being treated like the book on the library shelf that doesn't really need any attention. IRKS ME TO NO END.

Breath in----Breath out----

the rest of the week, how'd that go, well, thursday morning, hubs brought me breakfast in bed. It was all fancy too....he does so good, now if he can just make sure it's hot when he gets it to me, that would be great!!lol. I would never tell him that, and I don't heat it up bc I would never make him feel like I don't appreciate it. it's the thought that counts. Thursday I also returned to school for volunteer work, a few said they thought they felt the building quiver. hmmm.

Friday we went to lunch with some friends at Texas Roadhouse (Matt and I had a free meal there from a Christmas gift) and we were having a great time, we get our food and we are eating and I stick my fork in my potato ( they have the best bakers) and i'm digging the edges out and what do I unearth but a monstrous long hair buried in my baker. *gags* The waitress just happened to be at the end of the table to see it....ok, I'd like to say I have a steel tummy, but nothing will ruin your meal like some stranger's hair coming out on your fork. *wretching* They were really nice about it, cooked up a whole new meal for me to take home which I ate for dinner. Never a dull moment.

Weekend news, Saturday I was forced to go out into the bitter cold and pick up cold meds and such and then family came over for dinner that night and we played a card game called five crowns. It was fun, go out and get it if your a card kinda person. Going to hunt it down myself.

Sunday, made it to church for SS, went to Mom's for birthday lunch. Mom got me a pair of jeans and four longaberger plates. I can't afford them anymore but I really want enough for at least my immediate family to eat off at a setting. My sister crocheted me a pretty blanket that is extremely warm. After dinner on the way home stopped by a viewing for a church friend and was doing alright til her mom talked with me. The deceased woman had SB. Her mother found her in her apt. Pretty unexpected. She put her arm around me and said, Michelle I know what you're going through, and sometimes your are just so exhausted, but it's all worth it. I agreed with her....and of course started to cry. Tears are welling up right now. She said so many things to me in those short moments. It was so sad, but I know she was happy to have her daughter as long as she did and said now she's whole. I think in my mind...Lillian will never be "whole" until she's with her heavenly Father. Any one of the last illnesses she's just had could have been her end, but God has chosen to keep her with me and I'm so thankful.

All of the other girls have a cold right now and Lillian is coughing quite a bit, but I'll take it all. I'll take this season, the repeating a grade, the big ole' hair in my potato. I'll face whatever the future holds and I'll survive.


Finding Normal said...

Okay. I was so not crying today. Then I had to go and read this. UGH. Lillian is whole. She is a miracle and a blessing and an angel. She IS whole, Michelle. And so are you.
Second of all, OMG I so didn't know it was your birthday! You should've told me, ya jerk!
Thirdly, I'm glad pulm is scrambling to get you a better date. I told Shawn you got that date and told him he'd better be making that call to plastics so we can get the cranial on the schedule. Did he call? Nope. Said he wanted to call neurosurg first. UGH men.
Came home today to find a message from uro that we have an appointment on Thursday, which we won't be attending since hubs in Mexico and I'm ISTEPing it. Oopsies.
Still dealing w/the OT issue. It's not any better. Considering my options still. IFSP tomorrow, but I'm not sure I'll have made a decision by then. Might just start fresh. As much as I hate change.
Oh, our theory is that plastics has so many slots for certain procedures, considering we tend to get the cranials on the board pretty quickly once they make up their minds, but I'm sure they do far fewer of those than palates. Plus it has to be done with neurosurg, so I think they reserve certain days for that.

Vickie said...

Ewe! No worries about me night snacking tonight after the hair story. Ewe!

Happy Belated Birthday!! You gotta post these things a few days in advance, Girl!!

I hope your munchkins feel better and I hope it is just a cough for Lillian. My two older ones has a strep infection last week. I am hoping the young one doesn't get it.