Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm coming out

Hee hee, how's that for a attention getter?? I've been keeping a secret, sort of. I'm slowly sharing with my friends...and taking in all the opinions. So, let's hear from the blog-o-spere.

It has been laid on my heart for a couple years to homeschool our children. Two years ago, I think I could not have handled everything. Given Lillian's medical issues and all that we were struggling through with her, I just don't think I could have done it. Matt was also not on board and I knew I definitely needed his support. I let the matter go. I decided I could not proceed without him. At the beginning of this year, (with no comment or discussion) he brought it up and felt we should try it. I was thrilled. We have made the decision to move forward with this beginning with the coming school year. I am nervous, and at times doubtful, but I really believe God is leading in this. Our desire is for our family to draw closer together to one another and to the Lord.

I realize it will not be easy. I know there will be bad days. I also know God is in it and He will carry us through.


Alicia said...

Wow, I think it is great! I know I could never do it, just not my personality style, but I am always happy to hear when my friends take this on. I think it takes a certain kind of person, and even though we have never met in person, I have a feeling you will do great at this!

The VW's said...

Go for it! I've thought about doing this many times, but I know that I would slack on this job too often! Plus, we found a GREAT school for our boys to go to, so I'm happy with the way their schooling is going right now.

Praying it goes well for you and I think that you will do great! Hugs!!

Treasures from a Shoebox said...

I don't believe our meeting today was an "accident" and that it is all part of the support system the Lord wants to set up for you and your soon-to-be homeschooling family. I am excited for you as you begin this journey.

Finding Normal said...

Okay, here comes the public school teacher. :P
Your dedication to your family is amazing. You put those girls first in everything you do and every decision you make. Your girls are busy, active girls. They need a lot of social interaction, conversation, and stimulation. My concern with homeschooled kids is always the social aspect. Maybe there are homeschool or church groups that can create that link for you, but it's definitely something to consider. I also worry about you being with them 24/7 and not getting a little down time when they're at school. Just wanted to put those out there. Are you doing it with all 4, or just the younger 2? You know you get full support from me, whichever way you go. And also? We're adopting new math books this year, so if you want me to sneak you some old student books, let me know!

Mandy said...

HA! Another public school teacher hopping on! :)
I voice the same concerns/suggestions as Finding Normal.
As a teacher and mom, I know full well that I couldn't do it. I can handle 30 fourth graders with the best of them but put me in "teacher" mode with my own children and all heck breaks loose! :)