Sunday, May 23, 2010

Many Many Babies

We are now the owners of 4 dogs and 11 puppies. Yes, our female dog just gave birth yesterday. She had 12, but the seventh was still born. They are such cute little things, actually not really, the quite remind me of the muskrat out in the pond..hee hee. It was also the first times the kids were able to witness a live birth. I thought Rebecca would die..she came in so upset...her- "mom, mom, something's wrong, the baby is covered in plastic" I had difficulty not giggling when trying to explain to her that is was all normal. When they saw the Mama eating all the yucky stuff, I really thought someone was going to lose their lunch. Never a dull moment.
I really am in disbelief that she had so many. So, in 8-10 weeks if you are looking for a new four legged friend--holla.

Aside from a massive explosion of puppies we currently have three litters of kittens, totalling nine new kitties. I know you are saying to your self, are those people crazy?? Well, the answer there is probably yes. But seriously, when we moved here, the owner of the house left several outside cats, enough said. We had our dogs scheduled to be neutered/spayed, but they couldn't get them in for a week and half. Even after separating and leashing them in separate stalls, they still mated. I think I may have to get a weekend job to afford all the critters. Mercy. Praying we are able to find good homes for them when the time comes.

It is H-O-T, hot here today and slightly muggy, not really comfortable weather to be outside. Unless you are just lazing on the porch anyway.

I tried a new recipe today AND I used my pressure cooker and was quite happy with the results. Even the kids liked it. I had my microwave, breadmaker, and pressure cooker going at the same time and was moderately concerned about blowing a fuse, but all was well, and dinner was had in a very timely fashion. It is going in the recipe file. Apricot chicken. I think I'm making some cinnamon bread that I found on another blog, and trying yet another new recipe for supper tonight. Broccoli and sausage penne. Should be interesting. I love the website, if you are looking for some new things to try, it is a great resource. I have found some gems there.

I'm off to make dinner and surrender the computer to Madeline, who has informed me that I've "been on for hours"...ummm, yeah, right. How was your weekend, try anything new? Need a puppy??

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The VW's said...

No puppies needed here! I have my fill with only one dog! You must be a saint to handle all of that!

It's really hot and muggy here too! I wanted to do some baking today, but I'm not sure I want to add anymore heat to the air!

Have a great day! Hope all those babies don't drive you to insanity! Hugs!!!