Friday, May 28, 2010

Scrapbook pages and cards

This is an accordian style keepsake book filled with little envelopes. Envelopes were preceding..stinkin' blogger...;)

I seem to have a butterfly fettish?? I also love leaves. My hubs makes fun of me...

Loved this card, but super time consuming...but also lots of fun! Note the tiny button "sprinkles"

This was part of our Labor Day activities

In hindsight (I tried later, but it would have destroyed the paper) I would have put the picture in the 'sky' of the page and printed my journaling on vellum so I could still see the images on the bottom of the cute paper.
Tip- try journalin on vellum, that way you can still see your cute papers.

Hoedown, 'F' page.

More labor day, why in the world can't I move my pictures around in blogger anymore...a little frustrating, I might say...
Our church started hosting craft days one Saturday a month and I've been able to attend two so far. It is great. Everyone brings their cricut...(which I am now proudly owning bc my wonderful hubs got me one for Mother's Day!!!) We share ideas, fellowship, of course we have snacks and we get to work all day long. It is truly a great way to get things done. (we could probably get more done if we didn't chit chat so much, but still productive) It is also interesting to see how other folks work. I actually met someone who solely does two page layouts. I shudder at the I just try to take really good pics and I do as many pages as needed to finish. Lots of times, I have other folks that give me good pics and I want to include those too. Try not to limit myself.
Now that I've shared some stuff, I'm a-hankerin' for some more. I want to work on stuff. My papers and stickers call to me. *sighs* I fear I must probably do the dishes first and then run some errands. A days duties are never done...


The VW's said...

Great job! You put my own scrapbooks and card making to shame! Wish we could get together and do this with each other!

Hurry up and finish your chores, so you can get back to work lady! I can't wait to see more of your creations! Hugs!!

Treasures from a Shoebox said...

Wow! We love to scrap-book too! The girls take scrap-booking in 4-H to ensure that we do so many pages a year. For 2 weeks we set up all the scrapping stuff in the kitchen for a scrap-marathon. We really do need to get together! :)