Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Deep Breaths

Today I had a visit with my first grader's teacher. She is so sweet. I knew the meeting was not going to be pleasant deep down. I know that Madeline is struggling and not where she should be. It is very difficult to not feel completely responsible. Bottom line, unless there is a real light bulb moment soon I believe she will be repeating first grade. Not an easy thing to hear. Considering I feel so responsible for it. The moves, the home situation being so unstable with Lillian and while I know most of this is out of my control (ie floods and health problems) it does not necessarily make me feel better. Hubby thinks I'm nuts. Of course, I tried not to have a break down in front of her, but hello you know me (well I'm a crier that's all I'm saying). She was very positive and extremely supportive. I can't imagine it's easy for teachers to have to have those conversations with parents. There are a few other avenues to check out to make sure there is not a medical issue with her vision and vision imagery, so still have that to explore and PTL she is not just ignoring this or chalking it up to focus problems. Basically, just a difficult situation to have to face. So, I'll just keep taking deep breaths, keep my eyes on the Lord and try not to slip under the surface of the water.


Marissa said...

Keep breathing and keep swimming.


Vickie said...

Just like Marissa said, keep breathing and swimming.

Do not beat yourself up. There are some thing beyond your control.


John Deere Mom said...

I hope your day improved and you haven't shed many tears today. It will all work out. Really. My brother-in-law is an anesthesiologist and repeated the first grade. It WILL be fine.