Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little on the heavy side

It comes to my attention I seem to have lost some of my levity (now why on earth would that be? hmmm let us ponder) Seriously, I really am a happy person just a lot of "heavy" going around the house right now. or always or well you get it. Let me set the scene for you....four daughters in the kitchen supposed to be doing dishes...conversation is going like this.
"you hit me"
"NUH UHHHHH" screaming
"well you have a fat butt"
"NUH UHHH, your butt is way fatter than mine"
"whatever, you take up like this much room (hand gestures) and I take up like this much room"
oh here we go, nine year old enters living room in tears,
me "what's wrong"
her "you wouldn't care anyways"
ahhh, raising children.

Oh, and I'll just have you know, my 11 year olds life is OVER. The bus driver made all the students sit with their siblings.....AHHHHHHH.....what is the world coming too? I must write the bus driver and let her know she has ended the life of three young women. Oh yes, and the wee little daughter is playing with her feeding pump and trying to open the ports bc I'm not paying adequate attention to her. Have I ever mentioned she doesn't have any toys?

Oh yes, even better the 12 year old cannot believe I would insist on making her do dishes before completing her homework. Let's see, she's been home over an hour and just when I ask her to do dishes she needs to do homework on the computer no less. I AM such a good mother. You should have seen her face. Priceless. My life could be a mastercard commercial.


Finding Normal said...

Priceless! I heard about those kids riding with their siblings. One of the girls in my class was a mess at the end of the day because she has to sit with her sisters on the way home AND they share a bedroom AND she spends enough time with them already. I'm wondering what Denise's thinking is, but I am sure of one thing--she has a GOOD reason! She's one tough cookie, that bus driver, so I have no doubt she's kicking ass and taking family names.
As for the rest of it. That's why I know God won't give me 5 girls. I hope.

Marissa said...

Ha Ha! You're account of the girls in the kitchen is hilarious! I can soooo relate, there were 4 of us girls in my family (and 3 boys; blended family) even though the youngest was only 4 when I left the house. The others of us were close enough in age to do that stuff. In fact, we may have had that exact conversation!

And I can so relate to the little one playing with everything she shouldn't, especially the med stuff. In fact, I just had to stop tying to get Marissa to stop playing with the suction catheter!

Yes, I did get your MOTY joke. In a family as large as the one I grew up in, it helps to develop a healthy sense of sarcasm! ;)