Thursday, February 12, 2009

Long night

This day is just dragging by. It is exhausting when your children are so difficult in the evening. You know, one of those days like you ask for the ten dishes to be washed in the sink and it turns into the battle of wills? Like when you sit down to eat dinner and noone does anything but bicker over the table? UGH. Probably doesn't help that I'm still in the dumps today. These are the days I go to bed wondering if I really am a good mother? Somedays my home just wreaks of good My Mother came over tonight and helped me work on the house a little. We made a little progress in my room, but beyond that, it' s like a drop in the bucket. I have like NO storage in my room so everything just sits piled in baskets. I hate that. I'm going to seriously overhaul my closet someday....I've forced the children to clean their rooms tonight and since I hear lots of friendly banter, I doubt ANYTHING is really getting done.
Tomorrow we finish filing our taxes so it will be rush rush rush, BUT, it will probably mean a dinner out with Matt and Lillian...I don't know though, I'm really leary of taking her out anywhere just yet. The good news today----BURN NOTICE FAVORITE show. I love ten oclock on Thursday nights!!! Think I'll go eat another piece of cake, I made a chocolate cake tonight and if you listen closely you'll hear it calling my name...


Marissa said...

I am sorry you are still having a rough time. I wish I could give you words of wisdom (J have none) or a hug (I am too far away). But please know I am thinking of you and your family and praying for you always.

BTW, what is the name of the rinseless shampoo and can I find it in a retail store? (like the Vortex :)


Vickie said...

You are not a bad Mom! I am sorry everything is a little bumpy right now.
I saw Wednesday's post. It just burns my bunnies that the hospital has idiotic people. What happened to sensitivity training?

I saw Burn Notice for the first time early this morning. (Yeah, I was up late)I like that show. The three main actors have great chemistry.

I hope your weekend is better:)

Take care.