Monday, February 23, 2009

What people say

Yesterday I was able to attend church for the first time in months. It was such a blessing. I headed down to Sunday school and tried to jump in just as I always have. After the lesson, the leader of the class asked me about Lillian and how things were going. There was another woman in the class who has a son who is grown and on his own that has special needs. As I was talking I mentioned that we had spent 25 days in the last 2 months in the hospital. This other person chimes in, "well, we were there 3 months, I've got you beat" Ok, seriously, WHO says that to someone? Who tries to one up you on how long you've spent in the hospital? It has bothered me, I'm sure unnecessarily, today. She also made some other very odd remarks, doesn't it seem as though someone who's been through a similar situation would try to be more helpful? *scratching head*

There are some other items I really need to write about so I can get them out of my mind, but Little Missy is sitting here getting grumpy and needing her Mommy fix for the night, heaven forbid I'm on the computer and not paying complete attention to her.


Finding Normal said...

That is just stupid. I wouldn't waste my energy giving her another thought. How crude, thoughtless, and insensitive. I would've been tempted to say, "Well, it's obviously been a long time since you've been through it since you've forgotten how raw you feel right afterwards." Biotch.

I'm glad you're home. And I'm glad Lillian is harassing you. Haven't had Rebecca come in my room lately to give me any scoops. She's such a hoot! I could have my entire class lined up to tell me something first thing in the AM, and she just goes to the front of the line and proceeds to talk and talk and talk (you she talks!) and the rest of my kids are just looking at her all weird because they think we have our own secret language. HA!

Vickie said...

She just wants to suck the attention. Her son is on his own now and she no longer gets attention. She just wants to remind people that she has issues. Gee, Beyotch, I didn't know we were in a contest. I am kind of hormonal right now and I might have been mean to her.

It is great to see you more often in blogland:) I missed ya!

Mandy said...

That kind of thing drives me nuts. There's a lady at work who is always trying to "one up" me with her kids' health verses Grady's health. It drives me nuts! "Um, you WANT your kid to be sicker than mine?"