Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Stuffed Up and Random thoughts

Let's see, I think on Thursday I started kinda feeling like I was getting a sinus infection. By Friday, I'm in full blown misery. Today I'm feeling some better. Not quite so head heavy. This is what happens to me when I don't get enough sleep. Sickness creeps in. Thankfully, it is not hanging on as it sometimes does.

Really don't have much to report from the Halcomb household. I missed school this week bc of being too paranoid to take Lillian in and then was just too miserable on Friday.

I love Fridays, have I ever mentioned that? No homework, usually. I get to sleep in bc Matt is home and I have him here to help me through the weekend. This of course comes to an end soon as he is going back to work on Fridays in a week or so. That is really a good thing as he will be back to working 40 hours.

I keep thinking how I didn't know how'd we get by with him missing so much work at Christmas and then being cut down to 32 hours and then missing so much work with Lillian in the hospital. We still keep getting through it...thank you Lord.

Only 17 days until Lillian has her palate surgery....fingers crossed. Time is moving right along.

I was actually able to bathe myself recently without any incidents. It has been suggested that I might want to remove Nair from my shower if I have it. I'm taking that advice to heart.


John Deere Mom said...

Hope you feel better soon! Glad you had no shower mishaps. See you this week?!

The VW's said...

Great idea to remove Nair from shower! That would be very bad! :)

Hope you continue to feel better! Have a great weekend!

Finding Normal said...

Missed you yesterday. I'd be too paranoid to bring her in too. Although the flu crap is mostly gone. We are second only to hospitals for being the most germ infested, of this I am sure.
Feel better and enjoy your weekend!