Sunday, May 3, 2009


Addendum: My original post title was Myocardial Infarction, but I was scaring too many of my peeps! Sorry!! Read on....
For those of you who may not know that specific medical term, in layman's terms it's heart attack, which is what I had a mild one of this morning. If you'll recall my previous post, here, you'll remember my irrational fear of spiders. Imagine my horror when at two AM I was just beginning to fall into that pleasant pre-sleep when I felt just the brush of something on my forehead. I opened my eyes to see a spider floating right in front of eyes. Now, really, I can't tell you how I got out of bed-- but I was up and smacking at the bed like a crazy woman. I was in a full on panic trying to swat and kill said spider. ----backtrack two nights ago when I told Matt I was afraid some dust was going to float down from our 10 foot textured ceilings and land in my mouth----in the process of my spider-cidal rage I think I managed to hit Matt and he woke up in a panic----him"what??? what??? what's wrong??" Me- "spider" swat! Swat! SWAT! Him raising up---"where???" At this point I'm unable to point out or find the demon spider and am sure Matt's unhappiness at being awakened by my hysterics is going to rein down on me. Just then I'm thinking---uh oh- dust....when the devil spider started to make a break for it down the bed. I slammed that thing with my bed remote like I was trying to win the strength game at the fair-- you know the one where you take a mallet and hit the thing that goes up like a thermometer???

Ok, so then I'm totally awake, heart pounding have to settle back down to even get myself back to happy pre-sleep mode.

Stupid spiders.


Marissa said...

OK girl, I DO know what a myocardial infarction is and the title of your post scared the dookie out of me ~ pretty much like your spider did to you. Needless to say, I am very glad to hear that no one really had any heart problems at your house this weekend!! Phew!!

Now, on to your spider woes:

ROFLOL!!!! I just get the best visuals floating around in my head when you regale us with the stories of your spider friends! I think it is because I can totally see myself reacting that very same way!! Glad the monster didn't get you!


The VW's said...

YOU CAN NOT SCARE A GIRL THIS WAY!! I saw the title of your post on someone else's blog and quickly came to your blog all worried about you! I could ring your neck!

Anyway, I HATE spiders too! I would have FREAKED OUT! I have nightmares thinking of them crawling into my mouth while I'm sleeping! I won't kill one myself unless none of my boys are around to do it for me. Yuck! Sorry you had such a rude awakening! As for your husband being awakened too, There are 2 reasons to scream and wake someone up in my book: For a Fire and spiders! :) Sleep better tonight!

And, NO MORE scaring me!!!

John Deere Mom said...

Thanks a lot. I am SO not going to be able to sleep tonight. *shiver*

Vickie said...

SPIDERS...AAAHHHHHHHHHH! I hate them. I detest them!!

Did I tell you that last week after we were hit with two storms that on Sunday we had spiders everywhere outside. On the house and on the kids outside toys. I was itching for hours afterwards! Thank goodness the bug guy was coming on that following Wednesday. That will show them spiders!!

Great, I got the itchies again:(

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have been there to see it all tho I'm pretty sure I have a vivid picture of the scene in my head right now!