Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My life is so not boring

Let's see, apart from dealing with unending vomit, other interesting events have a tendency to go ahead and take place on the Halcomb Homestead. All the kids were playing outside yesterday, and you surely must know, when my kids are out every neighbor kid in the area is here as well...anyway, they all come stampeding into the house....scared and bug eyed. They swear to have seen a man walk by the house cussing someone out on the phone and carrying a gun in his pocket. They were totally wigged out. So I corral them all in the front room and venture up to the liquor store---right in front of my house---(no not for booze) (stop laughing, I know I probably should be an alchey but I'm not) (I can be Nutjim all without the help of liquor)

whoo, man that was a rabbit trail....

anyway-the store had their doors all open and it is right by my house and I thought they may have seen something, but they did not. The guy in there points out a cop to me and I hail the cop down and tell him what I know---which is very little. Cop takes off and I go back home. Send all the little children back outside and about ten minutes later I cop with lights and sirens heads off in the same direction. Madeline came busting in this house like a little white tornado. LOL.

Long story short, the kids make multiple trips into the house because said "gunman" keeps popping up around the general area. I finally have to send everyone home and call my kids in bc seriously it was getting way out of hand. I mean it's just sheer nuts to try to calm my kids and 5 others in assorted ages....(God bless all you teachers in the World)

I wind up with an extra mouth to feed for dinner, bc lets face it, I can't hardly stand to send a kid home when I feel sorry for them. I decide to make a chocolate cake for dessert and in opening my cabinet to get the pan out, when am I greeted by but a little brown mouse. After screaming bc I was so startled and sending the mouse back to his hideout, (also giving my hubs a mild heart attack as he was standing nearby) we were finally able to have dinner and get extra child sent home and get the kids to bed.

I found myself doing dishes at 1030pm because I'm so sick of looking at dirty dishes in the morning AND I'm out of paper plates AND my other dishes are packed, so I finally sat down for the evening at 1100.
I've also become addicted to Farm Town in Facebook...I like growing my crops and tending the fields of my friends. Had to wait to harvest my crops so they wouldn't die then I headed to bed. Only to be asleep for an hour to hear the afore mentioned mouse making a racket in the pans and causing my little rat terrier a great deal of stress. She wanted to get herself a mouse. So I lay awake fearful that she would somehow get the mouse and bring her to bed with us. UGH. I'm afraid to even look bc Matt put a sticky trap in there, and I don't want to find it.

I swear I could guest appear with Bill Engvall, Larry the Cable Guy, and those other fellows that tell all the Redneck jokes. I would be rich.


Vickie said...

Mouse..AHHHHHHHH! First a spider now a mouse!

Wow, it is party central at your neck of the woods.

I love Bill Engvall! Hoping his show comes back on in the summer!

The VW's said...

Definitely not boring! But, with all that excitement, we might actually be reading about a myocardial infarction on your blog! Whew! Try to take it easy when you can!

Finding Normal said...

OMG about the gunman.
Eww about the mouse.
Never a dull moment...

Marissa said...

Wow, anymore about the gunman, or do you think it was just the kid's overactive imaginations? Either way, pretty creepy!


You live such a full life... just not sure what exactly it is full of, eh?


John Deere Mom said...

I feel your pain with the mouse! Eek! Hope they figured out what in the heckola was going on with the gunman. Scary!!