Thursday, April 23, 2009

Back in the Saddle

I think the VOR (voice of reason) is slowly returning to my brain. NutJim slid in there for a bit and took over. Maybe that is how I cope with good old Riley, if you can call it coping. I don't think there is any feeling much better than returning home. Being with your family, in your own bed, a bathtub to soak in. All the craziness that 4 extra chattering girls bring to the picture. OH-and might I say fixing a meal you've been craving...potato soup. Made it last night and it was DE.LIC.IOUS. I really enjoy cooking and its probably a little prideful to say, but my cooking in particular. It's just one of those creature comforts. I love that I can take simple ingredients and produce something so satisfying. The best, I have leftovers for lunch for probably the rest of the week! AND-this is going to sound insane too, but Walmart, I actually felt a twinge of, well, I don't know what you'd call it, but going in the Vortex was not a dreaded event. I think it's just familiarity. I remember, as a child, when we would go for a visit somewhere that took a long drive (which was most everywhere since we lived in the boonies) that when we drove back into the small town that was where I went to school, I felt so peaceful and was finally able to relax in the car. Funny how some things about you never change. I remember being relieved that we were back "home". Just a feeling of peace would encompass me. Comfort perhaps of being in a familiar place. Does any of that make sense? That's what it feels like to be home. That same peace flows over me. Now, don't get too crazy on me, that peace swiftly passes as the hustle and bustle of my brood kicks in, but even for a moment it is blissful!

Now let's talk about something that is driving me NUTS- dreams. I am having the CUH-RAZIEST dreams. I should call them nightmares because they so disturbing but not necessarily scary. Last night, aside from the nonsense of what all I was dreaming, I dreamed I was attacked by a man. Someone I thought I could fight off, but was not able to. ICK. I thought I was vividly dreaming because of being at the hospital, but now, notsomuch. I feel so un-rested when I dream like that and when they are so nutty, I hate remembering them. Blech.

I'd also like to say I know I complain about Hotel Riley quite a bit. I would like to mention some things that are just beyond touching that happen there. While some nurses seem completely out of touch, this was not the case on this visit....after being there so many times on the same unit, you start to develop relationships with these people. It is the ONLY sad part of leaving the hospital. Several nurses were extraordiarily kind to me. One of them, I'll call her Ausie...she made me a cake...yes, cake. I don't know if she knows how much I appreciated it. I LOVE chocolate cake. LOVE IT! Another nurse brought me in a Mountain Dew, chocolate, AND some ibuprofen to help me with my headache. Several nurses included me in their dining out and allowed me to order food with them. Then there was another nurse who harassed me to no end and I gave it back to her, which helped to lighten the atmosphere. Ausie and Mapril, I'll call her, both came and listened or just gave me support when I was in one of my crying/want to smack a stupid person mode. These things, I believe, go far above the call of duty and I don't know if they know how much it means. I, of course, said thank you, but that doesn't seem justice for something I feel is so deeply appreciated.

This post is turning into a book so I'll stop.

Do you have crazy dreams?

What do you think goes beyond the call of duty?

Does returning home after being away give you the warm fuzzies?


The VW's said...

Crazy dreams.....Yes!

Warm Fuzzies when you come home.....Yes! But, like you said it too can get old after a few days back!

Beyond the call of duty.....We have had some nurses like this as well. I don't think that you can get through days in the hospital without them! I believe this is what makes a great nurse! The whole family needs nursing when your child is sick! And, I SO appreciate a GREAT nurse! They are such a blessing!

Vickie said...

Ah yes, crazy dreams. I get them. Sometimes they are cool and other times they scare the bajebbers out of me.

I can aprreciate a good nurse. When I was in the hospital I had a few great nurses. They would take the time to listen to me. They would actually sit down and talk to me.

Marissa said...

One of the things that really impressed me about the NICU was how many nurses cared as much about the parents as they did the babies. One nurse even told me that is what she strives for. She said that she believed it was as much her job to make sure the parents are taken care of as it was to help the babies. Too often the parents are forgotten and neglected. I am so glad you had a couple of nurses hat not only treated you like a human but truly cared for you.

Oye, don't even get me started on the crazy dreams. I really do think I am insane sometimes with all the things my brain puts me through at night. If I never dreamt again, it would be too soon! I never feel rested when I dream because my brain worked too hard all night coming up with these crazy scenarios for me to be in! UGH!

So so so glad you are home and you can find some peace, even at the dreaded Vortex! Hide NutJim away for a while!

Enjoy your potato soup,


Finding Normal said...

I've had very nutty dreams lately, and they're all RIGHT before I wake up, so I remember every detail. And they're about people in my everyday life (other teachers usually) who just crack up when I tell them what I dreamed about them. I think mine are full of anxiety and stress and sadness lately. You'd think I could let the crap go when I sleep, but apparently it's even worse then!
Love those nurse stories!
Love coming home. My house always looks so much better after I've been gone awhile.