Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Blog

In hopes of sharing Lillian's story and reaching out to other Momma's out there, I've moved her website to Blogger. Check her story out there...

Couple questions, how do you post a youtube video to blogger?
How do you make your own links on the side of your blog? Email me, I'm so not computer savvy, I need all the help I can get!

BTW- thanks for all your comments yesterday! It made me laugh and gave me comfort!


Vickie said...

Oh cool. I couldn't get the other website on my dashboard.

I will come back and read some more, I have to feed the kids lunch.

The VW's said...

No, we do not live in Indiana. We live in Michigan. I was born in IN and lived there for 6 years, then my parents divorced and I moved to MI with my mom. I visit southern IN at least once a year, since my dad still lives there. My aunt lives in Indianapolis and this is where we are meeting up with my dad and other family members for a visit this weekend.

We are about 4 - 4 1/2 hours from Indianapolis. Not too far from you guys. We will have to make plans to meet each other sometime! I would love that!

I'm not computer savvy either, but I do know how to add links. I'll try to e-mail you soon with how to do this.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I wish I could help with the you tube, but my husband always does that for me, I make him since his job is in computers:)
Love the new blog!

Marissa said...

I'm with Vickie, I couldn't get the other site on my dashboard. How fun to have another blog for Miss Lil!! I'll be following as closely as I do here!

I also can not help with the youtube and links and all. Sorry, I hope someone can!


Vickie said...

Okay, I am back. I will email you about the youtube thing:)