Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I know, the shock you must be reeling from right now...

Seriously, Lord have mercy I feel like I'm on a roller coaster that does not stop. Things here are really pretty good, except my sleep factor. Hubs hours have been changed so my ability to draw in those extra Z's have been deleted. I'm having to sit here at the computer to keep my peepers open. (side note, when I sat on the couch yesterday I fell asleep and you wouldn't believe what Lil did to the LR) I think it might be the fact that I was catching up with a seldom seen friend and I was sharing with her how things were around here. Of course, this leads into the inevitable telling of all the hospitalizations and stuff that just goes on in this house. So now of course I feel like crying, not for any particular reason, just crying. Reading folks blogs happy and sad make me want to cry for different reasons, then I start getting OCD about my blog, like why don't people follow mine or comment or how does a person get 600 some comments??? I'm INSANE i tell you. Nutjim, my new nickname, is so appropriate. It's very close to nut-job...I'm thinking of changing my name on here to that. So don't be surprised if I leave so crazy comment on your blog signed Nutjim. This blog and Lillian's blog have kind of become my outlet. I love to do crafty stuff but I just can't with this little critter running around here. Let me tell you , it's just not easy. I always feel better when I'm making cards or scrapping or just doing something for someone else (maybe I should use that mentallity for housework.......nah). Ok, I'm just stopping the madness right now, I'm sitting here thinking I need a straight jacket after writing all this....(no wonder I only have 15 followers, lol) So here's some random randomness....

Did you ever notice one thing that NEVER changes about someone is their eyes?

Do you delay shaving your legs bc you believe the hair insulates your legs better even though you love how it feels after even though it only lasts one day?

Have you recently caught yourself using words that have two different meanings in the wrong format?

I just peaked out my window and saw a bird fly off with a piece of plastic that was bigger than itself. Curious.

Do you wonder how your life got so complicated?

Possibly a little known fact about me....I'm a fairly simple person. I like to cook and quilt and have ideals more like an 80 year old woman? My kids are not crazy involved in things and most of the time, I don't mind staying home and although we struggle, I don't mind driving used cars and I don't feel the need to "keep up with the Joneses" I don't mind that I'm moving into a smaller, hundred year old home.

So what is your random randomness? Any answers to my questions? Do you think I belong in a room with rubber walls? Let me have it....all of it.

And just bc, I'm posting a picture of a quilt that I made for a friend's baby. I keep saying I like to quilt but have no proof, so I want to prove that I actually can...LOL (note, I did not state I was a good quilter, I would definitely NOT win any ribbons)

betcha didn't know quilts had feet!


Momof5 said...

As a beautiful daughter of our Wonderful Maker, you are worthy of so much! You're a great blogger which leads me to believe that your skills elsewhere are immeasurable as well. I don't know you, but I can tell you're tired. You need sleep. Step away from the computer....Michelle.....Anyway, yes eyes don't change and they are a window into what does change. We should stare into them more often. I hate shaving my legs especially when its cold outside and I get chilled and I might as well have not even bothered!!!! Although I cannot bring myself to go Euro.
May God bless your day beyond belief, may He grant you a nap and fill it with dreams that touch your heart, may you wake with a sense of wonder that you never felt before! May those of us who are cyberstalkers leave comments! Bless you girl!

The VW's said...

Add me to the nut-club! The truth is, us nuts are probably more normal than we think, I'm sure of this! The difference is that we share what we are thinking and get it off our chests, while some just keep their crazy thoughts to themselves, which I believe is very unhealthy for them! So, don't feel like you are the only crazy out there! I'm right there with ya!

Eyes never change.....except for as we get older and when we don't get enough sleep, then they are bloodshot...mine are anyway!

Shaved legs? What is that? I HATE to shave and only do it when it's necessary. Thankfully my husband could care less and I live in a state where it's cold too much of the year, so shorts wearing is a very infrequent occurance.

Sleep? Again, what's that? I never get enough of it!

Why do some bloggers get tons of followers and comments? I've asked myself this very question! What makes them so special anyway?! Sometimes I feel like I'm a mini Soap or Reality show. I know that many read my blog and yet very few actually comment. It kind of makes me sad. I share so much with others and they don't have the guts to come out and share with me that they are reading! Oh well, I guess that's a risk that I will take. I have 'met' some wonderful Mommmas out there in blogland, and it makes it all worth it in the end!

Hope you get more sleep! I'm glad that I found you in blogworld! You make me laugh and I can so relate to you in many ways! Have a great day!

Marissa said...

Oh, my dear sweet, weepy NutJim, I so wish I was closer in proximity to you. Sounds like you could use another shoulder and a margarita (if that tickles your fancy :) (I love how the nickname NutJim evolved; you should have included that in your random randomness!)

Definitely not insane, however coming from someone who was told many times before my kid came along that I WAS insane, my word might not mean much! A room with rubber walls might just be the kind of fun we are looking for! Boing, boing, boing!!! ;)

I try not to think too much about the comments or followers. Some of my closest IRL friends and even family members rarely comment, and I know they read. It is fun to get the comments and followers, but for me, it is not why I blog. That being said DON'T YOU DARE LEAVE ME!!! ;)

Shaved legs? Nope. A little known fact about me... As a 33 1/2 year old woman, my leg hair is as fine as the hair on a newborn's head! Very soft, very blonde. In fact, if you look in my FB pics, I got a tattoo on my ankle a couple of weeks ago and I did not shave my legs. You can only see a few little fine hairs in the reflecting light. Weird, I know, but I am afraid if I start shaving regularly, it will come in thicker and darker. So, like the other Alicia, I only shave when absolutely neccessary. Huh. Now there's something I never thought I would write in a blog comment!! HA!

Oh, your first commenter, Momof5, is my IRL friend. You should read her blog. She is very inspirational and immensely hilarious, all at the same time!

I hope I brought a smile to your face, if only for a moment. Take the time to wipe the tears and try to find the time to nap for real.

Much hugs and love,


John Deere Mom said...

You don't give yourself enough credit! Your life is so hectic and crazy...but you keep it all together somehow. I am so impressed with all that you do! Now quit talking nonsense about shaving legs. I mean, for reals!

angie said...

HIGHLY impressed by the quilt!! You are incredible! If you are going to be put in a rubber room....it better be a rubber room for 2...because I will be right there with you!!! You are an awesome mom that is just looking for "her place" in life now that this special needs craziness has been thrown into your life! It takes an incredible person to make it through all that you have. So, blog away my friend....feel free to vent any and ALL feelings on here! I promise to listen, laugh and be right there beside you (in a cyber-space sorta way). Believe me when I say that MOST weeks I have AT LEAST one day where I feel like this:). It sucks!

OK...onto the questions....my legs SERIOUSLY grow hair the SECOND that they get cold:). I know TMI:).

My eyes change when I cry. I have really light green eyes, and when I cry they are almost flourescent (great...now you can have nightmares about that...crazy psycho blogging friend with the glowing eyes):).

I used to worry that very few peole followed my blog because I griped too much...then I decided that I was blogging for me. I've had my blog since 2005....and I can look back and see how much growth I'VE made...it's incredible! Do it for you...and those of us who chose to follow are so much better for doing so!

I like the name Nutjim....now I'm trying to think of a name for myself...how about Crazo?? HA!!

Life is good my friend...life is good! I wish that we lived closer:).