Monday, April 27, 2009

Let's talk about sheets...shall we?

I usually come here to pour my heart out, but to spare any reading audience, I will defer for the night. I'm just to overwhelmed to go into all the things I already write about, so let me talk about something random....

How do you feel about bed sheets? I used to have the worst time with sheets. They would ball up on me after being washed only a couple times. I was mentioning this at work one time (when I used to work outside my home) and a coworker suggested only using 100 percent cotton sheets, the higher the thread count the better. So, I ventured out and bought some with the highest thread count I was willing to pay for. That seemed to do the trick. I might like to mention that these type of sheets are not cheap. I usually buy and I find on clearance regardless of color. We also have a king size bed, so also more expensive. The hitch I find myself in now, I'm too poor to buy Not on the top of the priority list if you know what I'm talking about. So I'm looking for suggestions? Has anyone else battled the beady sheets and do you use something other than pure cotton that doesn't ball up? Inquiring minds want to know.

I know you're asking this it? Has she finally cracked?

I don't think so...but why not talk about something trivial that doesn't weigh so heavily on my mind. Maybe someone is chuckling right now and NOT questioning how soon I will check into the rubber room. It's all good. AND, perhaps I WILL find an answer to my sheet dilemma....


Finding Normal said...

Egytptian cotton doesn't ball either, but it's spendy. My mom likes to give us sheets for Christmas, so I've been spared the agony of actually paying for them. Kohl's can have some good sales on bath towels, so maybe sheets too? I thought of you the other day when I saw an ad for king mattresses--$99 per piece, which would be 3 pieces. Not sure the quality though. I also love flannel and t-shirt sheets, but it's too hot for either of those already!

Marissa said...

Trivial is good. :)

I too have issues with sheets, but it is because I toss and turn and come morning, the fitted sheet ain't fitted anymore! I also have a problem with the corner of the fitted sheet going over the corners of the bed properly. I always get the one corner by my head that turns into what my hubby and I call "the nipple". Just sticks straight up. Bugs me to no end.

See? I told you I would be right alongside you checking in to that rubber room! We could be rubber roommates!!

Thanks for the diversion and the laughs,


The VW's said...

No advice for you on sheets, sorry! I'm cheap when it comes to sheets and just live with how they feel and wash up. Although, someday I plan on buying some nice ones, I hope!

Save some room for me in the padded room please!!!