Friday, April 24, 2009

Life goes on

I just finished reading the new Beverly Lewis book and am only slightly annoyed that I have to wait til summer to read the next one in the series. I felt the theme through most of the book was that life goes on. No matter what has/will/or is going to happen, life still marches on. The sun still rises and sets. Though I try not to look into the future, my mind often wanders there.

I've been told recently and quite surprisingly that I inspired someone. Shocking to me as I feel I tread so lightly. Like you know in swim class when you have to tread water, I'm the one barely holding my head above the water. I wonder what it is about how I live that would inspire someone. It's interesting as you go through life how there are people in your life but for a time and life changes and different people enter your life and so on and so on. Then there are the people who are always there maybe in different capacities but nonetheless are still there. I have a friend, someone I've known for years and we still keep in touch, a childhood friend. Her first child was born stillborn when I was pregnant with Lillian. She later came to find out that her daughter died as a result of a chromosome abnormality. Ironic? She now has two healthy boys and is moving along with her life. She and her hubs even visited Lillian in the hospital when she was born despite all that had transpired. Now that is what I call inspiring, yet she says I inspire her. Unfathomable to me.

I have friends from my church, a couple who have come to mean a great deal to me, their children are grown and they thought they were on the way to living life in retirement to the fullest, when she was stricken with ALS. She has rapidly declined in health but is so amazing. Her attitude is unbelievable. She cannot speak, and can hardly walk now, but her outlook is so positive even though she knows what is inevitable. They display strength that I cannot comprehend. Inspiring. I can barely visit with her without crying.

I have a friend who works full time plus a whole lot more. She has a husband and a daughter, she is very involved in our church, she is constantly doing something for someone else and ALWAYS manages to be there for me when I need her and many others as well. She has an amazing, positive outlook and is always looking at the glass half full, (i'll never understand what she sees in Inspiring.

Maybe its the faith that these friends display that merit my admiration, I'm not sure. But I know they are living each day because God has given it and life DOES go on. Maybe that's why I feel my faith is so weak because I fear so much of what the future may hold. Maybe I just need to embrace it..."Don't worry about tomorrow, God is already there." Keep being inspired by these wonderful examples I have in my life and not wonder how my life could inspire someone elses. I DON'T know what the future holds but one thing is sure, life will still move on, it's how I choose to handle it is all that will matter.


The VW's said...

Inspiration comes in many forms! And, you are one of them!

Life does move on and it's important for us to try to look for the positives throughout it, but sometimes that is SO difficult!

Vickie said...

You are an inspiring woman. Do not short changed yourself!!

I have Beverly Lewis's books on my to read list.