Friday, December 5, 2008

I DO sound like a crazy person...

So, I got to thinking about my Blogaholicism and decided I would just go ahead and admit my other addictions, maybe it will help me? *hysterical evil laughter*

I'm addicted to:

Mountain Dew---I CANT stop drinking
Blogging-see previous post
Sleeping-I think I worship sleep
Purses- I can't NOT carry a purse, what's with that?
Reading-I'm a little OCD when I get started on a good one
Scrapbooking- when I'm in the groove, it's hard to walk a way
Real Arcade-online computer games that once I'm hooked I can't stop til I win
Blogging-did I list that already?
Eating out-I LOVE to cook, but I LOVE to eat out even more! This is an addiction I have trouble fulfilling!

At the present moment I can't think of much else that i consider myself addicted to....I'm sure something else will pop up eventually. Anyway, what are your "addictions" ? Don't be afraid, it's the easiest May I also say I don't know what the second step is, so we are safe with with just admission!


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

food, blogging, sweets, food, and I bite my nails.....

Ally in Wonderland said...

I think in a former life, we were twins...I LOVE LOVE LOVE purses, but limit myself when it comes to price (no more than $30) so its a game. And I'm addicted to sleep. It doesn't help that I have the worlds most comfortable bed either, I just hate getting up.

Vickie said...

POP, oh boy,I am in trouble when it comes to that one. Food. Watching TV.
Blogging. Magazines. Buying books, but not reading them. Marie Antoinette. Buying scrapbooking supples. Being Lazy...can that be an addiction?

Hey, do you digital scrapbook? I don't have the expertise for that style. I do the by hand style. Though, I do like the look of digital and sometimes, I think about buying a program.

Finding Normal said...

Love this post!
I'm with you on the blog addiction. I have always loved peeking into other people's lives, and this is the perfect way to do just that!
YAY for joining SITS! Now your addiction will get even worse! LOL
I would say I'm also addicted to sleeping, chocolate, Diet Pepsi, and online shopping. I don't always buy, but I research extensively online before I do pretty much anything these days. I am also addicted to purses and jewelry.

angie said...

Coke (the kind you drink...wink), shoes, shoes and more shoes (OH, and kids daughter is Mini Amelda Marcos:), blogging, Facebook:).

ChelleyD said...

Jessica- I so totally bite my nails too! I'll have to start a second addition addictions!

AiW- I used to be a morning person...hmmm, what happened?

Vickie- I am also guilty of "stocking up" ;)

FN- I could easily slip into online shopping!

Angie-If I had the money, I'd probably have a shoe fettish too, BK (before kids) I used to have shoes that matched every outfit!