Monday, December 1, 2008

A Charlie Brown Christmas

We lost our Christmas tree in the flood. My mom gave us a tree that was my aunt's and hubby just did not like it. We went to the Vortex today and bought a relatively cheap one....oh my goodness, it is so pitifully sad. It is the CB tree. I guess it doesn't matter, maybe we can find one after the holiday really cheap. Once it is all decorated, I'll post a pic. It has been one crazy evening. Rebecca had practice from five thirty to eight forty-five. We went out for dinner due to time issues and went to Fazoli's. The service was terrible and they weren't even busy. I hate when we go out to eat and it's awful bc we just don't get to do it much. GRRR.

Me wee little daughter does not have her RSV shot yet, which I find highly annoying. Sometimes, I think if I could get my hands on some office professionals, I might turn into the weed and the flower cartoon, you know that one right?? What the mean weed does to the pretty flower? I just do not understand why everything has to be a battle.

Lillian is supposed to be in Indy at 0-dark hundred in the morning and I have absolutely no desire to make that drive so early. ICK. If the weather gets ickier I don't think I will. Little Missy is down here playing with Mr. Potato Head, seemingly not at all ready for bed...hmmmm this is a problem. Better go and try to get her snoozy.


Finding Normal said...

Hope she's asleep by now!
I call that the buttcrack of dawn. UGH. I hate that drive in rush hour.
Fazoli's stinks.
A friend of our's got a $25 tree from Walmart, and it was so sad looking. We're thinking about buying a new one. I'll let you know if we do, and you are welcome to our old one. It's in good shape, but I just want a bigger one. Meant to buy one after Xmas last year but didn't.

ChelleyD said...

I decided I'm not taking her bc it's supposed to be ridiculously cold in the am. That is funny, buttcrack of dawn...and we all know, crack I sent you an email, you feeling any better...and she just went to sleep...we probably bought the same one...only ours is pre-lit so it was 35.00.

Vickie said...

I love Fazoli's, but they are not the happiest bunch of people.

I didn't know they had an RSV shot. Feb of 2007, the two little ones both got RSV, at the same time. The baby had it bad, where I had to give her breathing treatments. It was bad at night, she cried alot.

Charlie Brown Tree, your funny.

Vickie said...

BTW, love your new layout. Christmas blue.

Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

the politics of the RSV shot is highly irritating.
Hope she gets it soon!