Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fourteen Years Ago

Fourteen years ago I was a wide-eyed teenager fresh out of highschool looking forward to my coming wedding in May 1995. After about a month, we began to wonder exactly what we were waiting for, so we moved the date up to December. After much upheavel (sp?) in the fam...we settled it...December 3 it would be. What I've learned?

1. You only have a short time to be a kid
2. Save some money
3. Seek good advice
4. Marriage is a two way street, don't be self-centered
5. You will reap what you sew
6. Center your marriage on Christ

Would I do it all over again...yes....would I do some things different? Maybe, I don't know, you can't go back. All you can do is look forward and learn from your mistakes.

For the second year in a row my husband has made a gourmet type lunch for us and it has been very good. He rarely cooks, but when he does, he goes all out. I love him, I need him and I pray we have many, many more years together. I didn't get a picture this year, but I'll post the one from last year.

I'm also posting a picture of our CB tree.


Vickie said...

Happy Anniversary!! You got married in the winter!! BRRRRRrr

Nice spread he put together for you.

Your CB tree looks nice.

Finding Normal said...

What a sweetie! Happy Anniversary!

I think your tree looks good!

Ally in Wonderland said...

Happy Anniversary!!! I hope you have many, many happy years to come!!!

in time out said...

nice post. thanks for sharing and happy anniversary. i love your blog. back to read more later ♥