Saturday, December 20, 2008

If this doesn't make you laugh... kids can be so hysterical sometimes. This is Madeline, my six year old being completely silly, I know it's a dark video, but so funny. I don't know what possessed her to start singing this song the way she was singing it, but i was doubled over in pain laughing. Enjoy!

Also, don't know if I mentioned, but we did do some cookie making a few days back. I was sorely disappointed in the way the cookies turned out, I mean as far as the actual dough and holding shapes, but the girls had fun decorating. Rebecca is not in the pics bc she was at a birthday party.


Vickie said...

That is why I had kids...instant comedians.

The cookies look fine. Shove some of them thru the mouse. I am hungry!

Finding Normal said...

Fun! I bought the Market Day cookie shapes this year. I tried making dough and rolling it out and cutting it. Did not work at all. So I'll do things a bit easier this year.