Thursday, December 18, 2008


A few things....I have five daughters, my "lucky" number has always been 5, the word TRUST has five letters. Even as I try to keep myself from fretting over the future days...let me share far-
1. My BFF over at Finding Normal gave me this last week (somebody tell me how to do the linky thing)
2. Today, local radio station was submitted our family by one of my friends for a Christmas wish, they are giving us dinner at Texas Roadhouse for four, seven tickets to Kerasotes theatre, McDonald's gift cards, and a 25.00 gas card
3. Today, Finding Normal gave our family some Christmas gifts and along side a 50.00 gift card and cash in an envelope....she's a sneaky little elf.
Many things have been happening to us in the last few days that are just blowing my mind. Did they know I was fretting over having everyone home and not being able to do anything bc we have no money...and that's ok, but boring for the kids and here we tickets, dinner out, gas card...did anyone know that my freezer is almost empty and I'm scraping dinners together at you for food. I'm at an utter loss. It is just an amazingly humbling experience. In my mind I think I can never repay such kindness, perhaps I can someday pay it forward. We are so fortunate and as grumbling as I know I must sound, I am profoundly grateful.


Jessica mommy to Alex/ RTS said...

I love this post...

Vickie said...

Michelle, I got a little misty-eyed. Really. Communities sometimes surprise me. God bless them.

You have such a good friend in Finding Normal.

Now to link..When you are creating a new post, you should see a yellowish looking object on a button on top, where the fonts and such looks like a belt. Gosh I am horrible at this.

What I do is type the the word I want to use and then highlight it and then push the link button.(The one I described on top) A little window will open telling you to put your link in. Mainly the other person's blog. ex;

Okay, I hope this helps, because I am reading it thinking, "Do I know what I am talking about?"

Vickie said...

Oh, the button looks like a link in a chain!!!! Oh my gosh it just hit me.

I just pushed all the buttons to find out what they did.

Man, it is a good thing I am not a teacher.

Finding Normal said...

YAY for the radio station gift! Does Roadhouse have a night when it's free for kids? Or maybe the younger 2 could share chicken strips and fries?
There's not much to do around here that's free, is there? I know the children's museum (here and in Indy) have free evenings, but I haven't looked into it lately. Would they do the library? They could play on the computers and get books and movies. Tale of Despereaux opens tomorrow, if they've read that. I"m going with some of my students on Sunday. woohoo!
You will pay it forward someday. We've been very blessed lately. Times are good for us right now. They haven't always been, and they may not always be. But they are right now, and they will be again soon for y'all.
And don't you open those presents until Christmas morning, you little cheater!
Oh, just looked it up. Children's museum in Indy is open for free on 12/24 and the 1st Thursday of the month from 4-8. Couldn't find info on the local one, but I think it's the first Friday evening.

Marissa said...

So glad you are finding blessings in this difficult time. You will pay it forward someday soon, just focus on enjoying it right now and let your kids know where these gifts came from... people's hearts. You and your family deserve it!

God Bless,


Kori said...

WOW Michelle. You have received some amazing things. God is Good and his blessings pour out upon us.

Much love and Merry Christmas.

Junior Mints said...

i loved reading this...wonderful things are happening! enjoy all these things and enjoy your family. tis' the season!
BTW, Love Finding normal too!!