Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Early Gift

Isn't this sweet...we wanted Lillian to have her own little rocking chair and Matt works with a guy who does wood working as a hobby. We had talked to him a little about it and he showed up today with this....and gift cards to the Vortex for the other girls. The rocker bottoms are made from a beam from an old barn...so cool.. A great keepsake to have forever!!
In other news, we had a water pipe burst last night and our microwave bit the dust last night too. A microwave seems so piddly, but in a family this large it's like a major neccessity! It's like the day for crazy things to happen. Lillian's respiratory supplies came in with lots of problems and our 1600.00 propane check bounced bc I made the deposit of the same amt on the same day as I wrote my check....that has been an insane issue. While I was nearly in tears from the stress of the issues above, I'm not harboring any of it. Mostly, I'm worried that the propane people think I purposely wrote them a bad check. UGH. Anywho, determined not to let it all fester. The devil is trying his best to distract me from the reason we celebrate this glorious time of year, the birth of our Savior. Praise God for giving us His Son!
BTW- The cleaning fairy has SO NOT made it to my house.....eek


Vickie said...

What a cool rocking chair!!

Man, bummer about the pipes and microwave. You have a good attitude though. Good for you!

Finding Normal said...

Mine either. Send that biotch over please! I cleaned some yesterday while the kids were at the sitter's, but it's a mess again. UGH. Never. Ends.
Sorry to hear about the microwave and the check. And the pipe. I hope all 3 will be resolved quickly. It's crazy how quickly checks clear these days!
Love the rocker. What a nice gift!

Marissa said...

I am so sorry to hear of things going wrong for you guys, but I am glad to hear you have the right attitude about it all.

What a beautiful rocking chair for Lillian.

Have a Blessed and Merry Christmas!


Vickie said...

Have a very Merry Christmas, Michelle!