Thursday, December 4, 2008

Random Thoughts

I'm tired today, could it be that I went to bed at two and Lillian got up at four and then I had to get back up to take girls to dentist??? I feel like I'm in blog withdrawal, this being the first time I've been on today. Dare I admit it?? I'm a, yes, I'm saying it, (admission is the first step right?) blogaholic. I wish I had more time to flit around and read more peoples' blogs. Why is it so obsessive to want to learn about other people and their lives? And I just don't want to read the first post, I want to go through and READ it all.... AND, why do I sit here and start to stress wehn noone has posted in a while that I'm following? Don't they know I MUST be updated??? LOL. Ok, I've admitted it, time to move on. I also want to say, I just finished reading Twilight, aweome book, go out. get it. you will not be disappointed. Now I must find a way to get a hold of the next three. What next? hmmm, anxious nerves ensue as December 10th draws nearer. Lillian has surgery that day and I dread it...I just want it to be over with. Hopefully this will be her last surgery to have to endure. Let us pray that the little hole in her heart that still exists is closing up all on it own....(that would be the only other surgery I can think she might have) This will be a busy weekend, Rebecca has two concerts one Saturday and two perfomances Sunday. I'm so proud of her resiliance. It does not seem to phase her at all. Bethany had a concert tonight, I'm so appalled at the behavior of these middle school just amazes me. There were boys yelling and carrying on through the whole thing. What is wrong with kids today----NO R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Sad really.

I guess I should stop typing, I feel as though my randomness is falling hopelessly into rambling.


Vickie said...

Isn't blogging fun?! I could do it all day, but apparently my job is cleaning the house and laundry, oh I got a load right now! Also the kids start coming over to me with those, remember me looks.

I will have positive thoughts for Lillian:)

Your a busy beaver!

Don't get me started on the kids today!! P@#$ me off!!

Thanks for stopping by, I still feel like poop. I should go to bed, it is almost 1 in the morning. BUT I AM BLOGGING!!

Finding Normal said...

Random rambling is good. If you number your randomness, it seems less random. That's what I tell myself. HA!
I'm trying Twilight again. I'm at the same spot where I quit it before. I'm sure the library has it. Does Bookmobile come out by you? Love it!
You know I'll be saying prayers all day Wednesday. Addison will be up there getting a head CT to see if she needs the bone defect fixed and if she needs sinus surgery. I don't even begin to think we're done with surgery. They seem to never end. 9 to date.
Busy weekend. Have fun!