Monday, December 22, 2008


So much I need to do....I need to clean clean clean. Where are you cleaning fairy??? Here's my list,
1. Clean house
2. Make candy
3. Clean house
4. Finish Wrapping
5. Clean house
6. Get stuff ready for Christmas Eve
7. Clean house

Can anyone guess what I really really need to do? Tomorrow I am getting it all done, I work a lot better under pressure. I really don't have much to blog about...ran out into town today and and did not even dare go into the much stinking traffic I coudln't believe it. Went ot Aldi instead and it was really busy too. First time I've ever been there when they had three check out lanes open, but I think I'm all done with food shopping. If there need be anything else, I will be trotting down to the little store just a block from my house. I guess I should get off here and go do something productive.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!!


Finding Normal said...

Merry almost Christmas!
I went to Walmart today, and although it was crowded, I was just picking up some last minute gifts with Shawn. No kids.
Tomorrow Noah and I are going to the west side Walmart for groceries, hopefully early enough to miss the crowd!

Marissa said...

I just got back from Target and it is no better than the Vortex! Man, people can be rude during the holidays!!

I hope the cleaning fairy gets to you soon. I call mine "my hubby". He was nice enough yesterday to clean the downstairs while Marissa and I napped upstairs! I had, however, been up with her since 5:30 am and let him sleep till 7:30 and got him breakfast... So goes the give and take of marriage!

Here's hoping you find the time to get it all done, or at least kick your hubby in the rear to get him to do it!


Vickie said...

Your list looks like my list! Is the Vortex like Target? Never heard of the Vortex.

I am done with all my shopping:) Yeah!! Now I have to wrap, I did start yesterday, but I still have lots to do. So I guess I should get off my caboose.